After 30 days, AM firefighters end search for missing skydiver

According to the Amazonas Military Fire Department (CBMAM), at least eight bodies were found during the search (Promotion)

Ívina Garcia – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The search for skydiver Luiz Henrique Cardelli, who disappeared on April 15, after a strong windstorm during jump, in Manaus, were closed this Sunday morning, 15, after a month of operation. According to the Amazonas Military Fire Department (CBMAM), at least eight bodies were found during the search.

The General Commander of the Fire Department, in Amazonas, Orleilson Ximenes Muniz, confirmed the closure of the Crisis Committee, created by the Secretary of Public Safety (SSP-AM) and presented a balance of the operation.


“We covered more than 600 square kilometers, we did dozens of dives, we employed drones, aircraft, searches in jungle environment, in the bridge area and in the region of Puraquequara. However, we were not successful,” said the commander.

Despite the end of the search, Muniz said that any news about the case can be passed on to the fire department, which from now on will respond on demand. “We are closing the occurrence, however, any information or clue that can help us, obviously, we will dedicate all the resource and move people to the location. There are, in history, other cases of people who were never located, we hope that this is not the case, but, from now on, we will attend on demand,” he explained.

“The family has followed the search since the beginning, and they have noticed all the effort made by the state, not only by the Fire Department, but also by the Secretary of Security, the Military Police, and the Civil Police. We did everything that was technically possible that could be done,” said the commander.

Recall the case

On the afternoon of April 15th, at least 14 skydivers made jumps at the Aeroclube do Amazonas, located in the Flores neighborhood, south-central zone of Manaus. After the jump, a strong storm hit the capital, changing the route of at least four athletes.

At the time, two of them managed to land precariously, near the Compensa neighborhood, and two others fell into the water, between the Jornalista Phelippe Daou Bridge and the Cacau Pirêra district. Only the body of young Ana Carolina Santos da Silva, 27, was found the morning after the jump, 16.

Still in the beginning of the search, the Secretary of Public Safety set up a crisis cabinet to find Luiz Cardelli. In all, more than 70 agents of the security forces worked, with reinforcement from the national forces: Army, Navy and Air Force.


Both the Aeroclube do Amazonas and the Confederação Brasileira de Parachuting made statements at the time about the accident and launched investigations into what had happened. The skydiver’s family offered a reward of R$ 20,000 to anyone who could locate or have information on the whereabouts of the lawyer Luiz Cardelli.

On April 26, a body was found in the district of Ariaú, interior of Iranduba, but the family did the recognition and informed the CENARIUM, that the body did not belong to the paratrooper.

Watch statements from the commander of the Fire Department:


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