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MANAUS – After being prevented from registering for the contest “Girl Expopin 2021”, Agricultural Fair of the city of Parintins, which takes place from November 28 to December 5, in the Exhibition Park Luiz Lourenço de Souza, the dancer and choreographer Priscilla Mollinari, 24, got, through a lawsuit filed by the Public Defender of Amazonas (DPE-AM), the right to participate in the event.

Priscilla was barred at the time of registration after identifying herself as a trans woman. The dancer claims that on November 8 she sought the coordination of the contest and heard that “it would be an unbalanced dispute”. “The non-acceptance and the non-understanding hurts me and kills many of us”, Priscilla said.

The choreographer works at the Associação Folclórica do Boi-Bumbá Caprichoso and tells that she had the opportunity to change her baptismal name to her social name. “I became a woman before the law and the Federal Supreme Court, and this makes me very happy and makes me understand who I am in this world”, she says. Priscilla also says that the event means a great victory. “This contest represents a lot to me. It is very important to be in this contest”, she highlights.

Choreographer and dancer, Priscilla Mollinari. (Reproduction/Internet)

The dancer also told about her desire to take home the crown and the representativeness that the contest brings to trans women. “I want to participate in the contest and thus try for the title of Expopin Queen. I am immensely happy to see women like me participating in beauty pageants and even in the Olympics, breaking a taboo that is necessary for us trans women to be seen with respect and especially as women”, she added.

Sought by CENARIUM, the coordination of the pageant did not respond to messages through the number 1987 and until the publication of this article, did not give a reply to questions on the subject.


In the action, Priscilla claimed that she did not have the registration done immediately “because she is a transgender candidate”, and the “coordinator of the candidates”, identified by Elizabeth Gomes, clarified that she had no responsibility in the analysis regarding the admissibility and that she would take the issue to the president of the association, Francisco Walteliton de Souza Pinto”.

The action points out that the rules of the contest does not provide in its 25 provisions a “rule that restricts the participation of a candidate, with the exception of age (16 to 25 years old) and those who have participated in previous editions, which show the probability of the plaintiff’s right.

At the conclusion of the action, the judge of the Court of Parintins ordered that the registration of Priscilla be effective within 48 hours, under penalty of daily fine in the amount of R$ 500. In the document, the DPE also determined that the organizing association ensures the participation of dancer in the contest, as well as equal conditions with all other candidates involved.

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