Amazonian singer David Assayag denounces capacitist attacks on the Internet

Marcela Leiros – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The singer David Assayag, lifter of toadas of Boi-Bumbá Garantido, denounced, on Tuesday, 31, capacitist attacks that has been suffering on the internet. Along with a note of repudiation published on Instagram, the artist, who is visually impaired, posted two prints showing the discriminatory attitudes.

Capacitism is a prejudice directed against any person who has a disability, be it physical, intellectual, or sensory. The criminal conduct is typified and provided for in art. 88 of the Brazilian Inclusion Law (Law No. 13,146/2015) and is punishable by imprisonment from 1 to 3 years and a fine, and the imprisonment period may be increased depending on the conditions under which the crime was committed.

In an image posted on Facebook, Assayag poses in front of a television and an internet user comments: “You are blind, why TV? Explain it to me”. In another image, a woman, whose face was blurred, was next to the singer and made a sign with her index finger pointing down. The caption of the photo read: “Look at our faithful fan giving David’s 9.7”.

Repudiation note posted on the singer’s Instagram (Reproduction/ Instagram)

“It is known that this law protects any person with disabilities who may suffer attacks or any kind of prejudice that is rooted in this,” says an excerpt from the note. The same note also says that legal measures are already being taken by the legal counsel of David Assayag, “to safeguard the honor and rights of the artist”.

David’s fans react

After the publication of the note of repudiation, fans of the singer and the Parintins Festival, where he raises the toadas of Boi Garantido, spoke out against the prejudice.

“Too regrettable. David deserves respect. The love for his ox cannot be validated by this kind of petty and derogatory rivalry. I admire and love David too much, his voice represents an entire nation that loves boi-bumbá and respects others, regardless of any ideology,” said an internet user in the publication.

Comment on the singer’s Instagram post (Reproduction/ Instagram)

On Twitter, a Garantido Bull supporter emphasized that messing with the singer’s disability is “losing respect for the least.” “David Assayag is a symbol of the festival, just as Arlindo Jr. was and is. No need to attack people’s integrity! Jesus,” she said.

David Assayag was born in Parintins, in the interior of Amazonas state, and has a 35-year career. In 1997, he received a federal commendation for being the “most popular singer in the North Region”.


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