Balbina Mestrinho, AM’s oldest maternity hospital, completes 61 years; ‘there are many stories and projects’

Bruno Pacheco – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Balbina Mestrinho Maternity, considered the oldest specific unit for pregnant women in activity in Amazonas, completes 61 years this Saturday, 14. Reference in medium and high complexity services to patients from the capital and countryside, the maternity of the Amazonas State Department of Health (SES-AM), according to the director of the maternity, nurse Rafaela Faria, is among the best services of humanized childbirth in the country.

In 2020, the Intra-Hospital Normal Delivery Center (CPNI) of the maternity was elected among the 16 exitosas experiences of the SUS network in the award Laboratory of Innovation in Nursing, of the Pan American Health Organization and the National Council of Nursing. “Being among the 16 finalists and winning the award, translates the effort of a multidisciplinary team that works hard to improve assistance and the way of being born,” highlighted Rafaela Faria.

“Today, the Amazonian woman can choose how she wants to give birth. This award has earned us honors and publications in international magazines. An action of our daily life that became a successful experience recognized even in Latin America,” she pointed out.

For the nurse, being in charge of the oldest maternity hospital in the state is an honor. “I have been in charge of the maternity ward since October 2017. Here I have learned a lot and have dedicated all the efforts necessary for the improvement of obstetric service in the state. Among many memorable moments, I highlight when we were selected among 349 projects in the country for the innovations of sus (opas) award,” he stressed.

The governor Wilson Lima and the director of the maternity Rafaela Faria (Diego Peres/Secom)

Rafaela Faria reinforces that, every day, in four years of management, the goal has been the most for the Amazonian families that pass through the maternity ward. “Every day, in these 4 years of management, I seek improvement for the Amazon family and all the families that pass through here. There are many stories, many projects and, above all, a lot of willpower and commitment, not only from this unit’s team, but also from the State Secretary of Health and also from the Amazonas government, to bring a humanized and qualified assistance to our pregnant women from the capital and countryside of the state”, he reinforced.

Maternity tradition

The Balbina Mestrinho Maternity was inaugurated on May 14th 1961, but the name was changed to Ana Nery Maternity in 1967. In 1994, the unit was re-inaugurated with the original name. The unit has been receiving numerous investments, such as in the expansion of beds and of the service capacity, which jumped from 143 to 360 babies per month, with the inauguration of new spaces.

The unit also offers the Fesinha Anzoategui Human Milk Bank (BLH), with 21 mothers registered as donors. In 2021, the BLH collected 32,000 liters of milk that benefited about 500 newborns.

“Balbina has tradition. In its 61 years of existence, it is very common to find families that the great-grandmother, grandmother, mother and the pregnant woman chose to have their children in Balbina. Our work is one of great responsibility. We have the mission to transform birth into a unique and singular moment, where the father, mother, and baby are the protagonists of a new cycle and a new family that are beginning,” said nurse Rafaela Faria.

Currently, the maternity has the Center for Teaching and Research and the Permanent Education Center, responsible for conducting informative lectures, training for servers, workshops on neonatal resuscitation, kangaroo method, and correct placement and removal of personal protective equipment.


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