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With information from the Advisoy

The Government of Amazonas, through Amazonas State Research Support Foundation (Fapeam), has invested R$ 14,056,769.78 to support strategic research aimed at combating the new coronavirus. This total, the ‘CovacManaus’ study, which started on Thursday, 18, received resources in the order of R$ 2 million.

The research to anticipate vaccination against Covid-19 will include professionals in the areas of education and public safety, who are between 18 and 49 years old. The study wants to identify whether the application of ‘CoronaVac’ in people with comorbidities will have an impact on the prevention of more severe forms of the disease in the capital, where the P.1 variant of the virus predominates.

“Fapeam’s mission is to stimulate research, both basic and applied, to increase the stock of knowledge and the answers we seek in relation to the various Amazonian problems. At this moment, especially, the answers we are looking for in relation to facing Covid-19”, explained Fapeam’s CEO, Márcia Perales.

Other investments 

In addition to the resource for ‘CovacManaus’, still in the first half of 2020, Fapeam launched the first call of the CT&I Program in Public Health Emergencies in Amazonas, exclusive to support strategic research aimed at combating the new coronavirus. In this call, R $ 3,152,753.78 was invested to support 12 research projects.

The call included projects in the following thematic lines:1) Research and development of inputs to face the Covid-19 pandemic, in Amazonas; and 2) Research, service and development of molecular and / or immunological analysis protocols to face the Covid-19 pandemic, in Amazonas.

In the second half of last year, another edition of the PCTI Emerge Saúde was launched, focusing on three thematic lines: health; education; and information and communication technology.

In this call, R $ 8,904,016.00 was invested. The submitted proposals are being evaluated by the scientific technical committee. The estimate is to support up to 22 projects, with an execution period of 12 months.

Therefore, with the editions of the PCTI Emerge Saúde, R $ 12,056,769.78 was made available, a resource from the state treasury, to support strategic research aimed at combating Covid-19, in addition to the R $ 2 million allocated to the CovacManaus study.

“We consider that this investment in science, in technology, in innovation, is the great driving force behind the development of a State, Country and region. This knowledge is the property of men, of humanity, we need to ensure that science continues to provide these answers so that society can have a better quality of life”, added Márcia Perales.

Genomic Network

Thanks to Fapeam’s support for the Genomic Health Surveillance Network (Regesam), through the Support Program for the Consolidation of State Teaching and/or Research Institutions, in Amazonas the first sequencing of the complete genome of SARS-CoV-2 in the northern region was carried out.

The result, announced in 2020, contributed to the expansion of knowledge about the behavior of the virus, adding to other genomics initiatives in the country and the world. Regesam is formed by five state research institutions.

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