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Gabriel Abreu – From Cenarium Magazine

For the first time in 17 years, Brazil has more than half the population who did not have enough food at home. There are 116.8 million people in this situation of food decay in the country. The data were released by the Brazilian Network for Food and Nutritional Research, which brings together researchers and professors linked to food security.

In contrast to this fatality, Brazil had another 11 new billionaires included in the global ranking, released by the American magazine Forbes, and even during the pandemic.

Unlike the new billionaires, the pandemic left 19 million hungry in 2020, the highest number since 2004. It is almost double what it was in 2018 when the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) identified 10.3 million Brazilians in this situation.


Sociologist Marcelo Serraphico makes an analysis that explains how in a same society, at the same time, there is a group of 65 individuals who accumulate around 220 billion dollars and another of individuals who do not have enough resources to satisfy even their food needs.

Perhaps we can answer that question by resuming Keynes’ argument about the stimulating motivations of what he coined as the “animal spirit of the entrepreneur”. It is a way of understanding reality and acting based on the commitment to profitability. That is, every social situation must be treated as a possibility, as an opportunity to increase the profitability of companies. Therefore, in capitalist societies, there is no contradiction in the fact that the number of billionaires increases at the same time that unemployment, the precarious conditions of work, housing, and living lead others to hunger”, explained Marcelo.

According to sociologist Helso Ribeiro, social inequality in Brazil dates back to the Empire’time.

“A range of people losing jobs, but the big economic structures don’t lose out. And that is just the reinforcement of all this history that makes us in Brazil a miserable country”, explained Helso.

Ranking of new billionaires

  • Família Safra (Jacob Safra, 45; David Safra, 36; Esther Safra, 43; Alberto Safra, 41) = US$ 7,1 billion;
  • David Vélez – Nubank –  US$ 5,2 billion;
  • Guilherme Benchimol – XP – US$ 2,6 billion;
  • André Street – StoneCo – US$ 2,5 billion;
  • Eduardo de Ponte – StoneCo – US$ 2,4 billion;
  • Fabrício Garcia – Magazine Luiza – US$ 2,1 billion;
  • Flávia Bittar Garcia Faleiro – Magazine Luiza – US$ 2,1billion;
  • Fernando Trajano – Magazine Luiza – US$ 1,5 billion;
  • Ilson Mateus – Grupo Mateus – US$ 1,4 billion;
  • Anne Werninghaus – Weg – US$ 1,1 billion;
  • Maria Pinheiro – Grupo Mateus –  US$ 1 billion.