Colonel Marcus Vinicius assumes command of the Amazonas Military Police


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MANAUS – Colonel Marcus Vinicius Oliveira de Almeida became, on Wednesday, 15, the General Command of the Military Police of Amazonas (PM-AM), replacing the interim commander, Colonel Jerry Andrade de Menezes. The inauguration ceremony took place on Wednesday night, 15, with the presence of Governor Wilson Lima (PSC), at Heliodoro Balbi Square, in the Center, south of Manaus.

At 44 years old, the colonel is former Secretary of State for Penitentiary Administration (Seap), assuming the post in January 2019, being responsible for creating the Penitentiary Intervention Group (GIP) and the resocialization programs ‘Knowledge that Frees and Working Freedom’. With 27 dedicated to the Military Police, Marcus Vinicius entered the institution as a student officer and made a career until reaching the rank of colonel, on August 25, 2019.


During the change of command event, the new commander Marcus Vinicius thanked the invitation. “I am grateful first of all to God, to Him all honor and glory. Commanding the military police is the dream of any cadet who enters the academy, but few have had or will have the opportunity, because besides the technical challenge it is a challenge of life. We know that we will have no margin for error and we are here today in this solemnity to assume the commitment with my troop and direct them appropriately to achieve the results that our Amazonian society deserves and expects”, he highlighted.

The solemnity of transmission of office took place in the external area of the Provincial Palace, first headquarters of the General Command Headquarters (QCG), and was attended by civilian and military authorities. In greeting the new PM-AM titular, the Public Safety Secretary of Amazonas (SSP-AM), Carlos Alberto Mansur, highlighted the Military Police role during his speech and affirmed that he will give all support to the colonel in the fight against criminality.

“The Military Police of Amazonas has a relevant role, always striving for zeal, honesty, and correctness of purposes, with the purpose of protecting the citizen, the society, and the public and private property, restraining criminal offenses and administrative infractions. Understanding how arduous is the mission to serve and protect the society and the State of Amazonas, which has peculiar characteristics due to its large territorial extension. You should know, Colonel Vinicius, that you will have the full support of the SSP and the agencies that accompany it. The Secretary of Public Safety will continue, in a coordinated way, acting in all the actions that involve the Military Police, giving all the support to you for the success of your mission”, declared the SSP-AM secretary.

At the solemnity, governor Wilson Lima said that Colonel Marcus Vinicius can count on the full support of the Government of Amazonas, especially when it comes to the improvement and equipment of the Military Police.

“I want to reinforce the commitment that I have with each one of you, to give support, to protect, and to do everything within my reach so that we can value each man and each woman”, reinforced Wilson Lima.

During the change of command of PM-AM, Wilson Lima also announced that he will sign the promotions, for the months of April and August 2021, of 1,667 squares and officers. “Starting in January, we will readjust salaries and pay the course bonus. This reinforces our commitment and the appreciation of these men and women who risk their lives to serve and protect the families of our state”, said the governor.


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