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Maria Luiza Dacio – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The councilman of Manaus Amom Mandel (no party) announced, on Monday, 3, that during the year 2022 will work on creating an application (app) to catalog and monitor with georeferencing the existing holes in avenues, streets, alleys and lanes of Manaus. The app will be available for both IOS and Android operating systems.

According to Amom, the technology will generate reports to cooperate in the transparency of the public initiative’s work. The goal is to launch it by December 2022. “We will strive to have it by June”, he said.

The councilman made a call for volunteers on social networks. Among the areas available in the technology project are professionals for making websites, Google Apps Script automation, and Google Sheets formulas. The project is also looking for those with expertise in IFTTT/PipeDream and/or programming with Python 4, Kotlin and/or JS.Node 5 and data analysis and big data.

“We already have more than 30 programmer volunteers and we are just getting started. The project is promising. The app will issue reports of the real effectiveness of the work and will be able to compare the claims of the City Hall with reality. It will also show where the need is greatest and where City Hall has paved. Are they serving the electoral bases? Are they meeting the real needs?”, he questions.

The project also wants to push City Hall for transparency in asphalting. “We are going to use the Amazon AWS platform and the Google Cloud. The Google Cloud for machine learning (artificial intelligence), to identify data in social networks and indicative of which regions have the greatest need (using the so-called Big Data). The City Hall can use the app to benefit or just criticize”, said Amom.

“The proposal is to reduce bureaucracy, with the use of technology, and allow City Hall to have greater control of the work. We want to improve and help the city”, he concludes.