David Reis prioritizes spending on plaques and medals at the CMM and sets aside R$1.7 million

President of the City Council of Manaus, David Reis (Avante). (Promotion/CMM)

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MANAUS – The president of the City Council of Manaus (CMM), Councilman David Reis (Avante), reserved the amount of R$ 1.7 million for the purchase of commemorative plaques and medals to be used in tributes. The information is in the pregão nº 015/2021 and was published in the Official Diary of the City Council, on Tuesday, 23.

The document considers that the regularity of the process meets “the legal principles and relevant procedural rules, resulting in obtaining a feasible and satisfactory proposal to the public interest. In addition, the statement records the prices for eventual supplies of signage and related items, such as medals, commemorative plaques, and other honors.


According to information published by the Official Diary, this would be a demand to meet the needs of CMM, and that all features and requirements are contained in the Terms of Reference, arising from Administrative Procedure No. 2021.10000.10718.0.001466.

Among the largest expenses that appear in the document, are spent with 20 plaques for inauguration in steel, etched by deep corrosion, enameled in color, varnished, with the size of 45cm x 35cm, with installation, worth R$ 1,770.00 each material. Besides the making of 50 golden brass plaques, engraved by deep corrosion, color enameled, varnished, with the size of 45cm x 35cm, worth R$ 2,180.00 each.

Sought by the reporting team CENARIUM, the communications office of CMM did not answer the team’s questions through messages by number ending 8606 and e-mail: [email protected] and until the publication of this story on Thursday morning, 25 did not return. CENARIUM leaves the space open for explanations from the House.

Check the document below:


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