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MANAUS – With the increase of cases of Covid-19 in the country, the State government is studying to adopt criteria for the work of servers by the method of home office. This week, the number of cases related to the coronavirus has been gaining prominence and drawing attention of the competent bodies regarding the return to work remotely.

According to the infectologist Nelson Barbosa, not only the Amazon, but the whole world is experiencing a moment of growth in the number of cases of the disease. “This is the best measure that can be adopted for this moment, because we are seeing a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases, although it is not being reflected in the number of deaths”, he explained.

ICU at the Hospital de Campanha in Heliópolis, South Zone of São Paulo. (Edilson Dantas/Agência O Globo)

Nelson also highlights that the increase in the number of cases has been identified since December 2021. “In the first seven days of January alone, we had more than a thousand cases and that is already scary, even more with the presence of the Omicron variant that arrived in the state in an imported way, but we still haven’t had internal cases of community transmission and that will certainly happen”, he commented.

The infectologist reports that, to contain the situation, it is important to go back to the home office, besides reducing the number of people at shows or meetings. “And, if necessary, to leave until the last measure, which is the lockdown, that we hope doesn’t happen, because it will be harmful to the economy of the state and of Brazil, so the measure is correct, yes”, he agreed.

Home office

Barbosa highlighted the importance of reinforcing the use of the mask, the use of alcohol gel, social distancing and not crowding and encouraging vaccination against Covid-19. Besides this, he told that it is important to keep the restriction measures in place so that the virus does not spread and with this the number of cases increases more and more.

In Amazonas, besides the government bodies, which study the possibility together with specialists, who thoroughly analyze the Covid-19 statistics in the State, for the return of the home office, the State Accounts Court (TCE) stated that it is in recess until the 12th, but that until the moment, there is no decision in this direction.


According to the Health Surveillance Foundation of Amazonas (FVS-AM), on Friday, 7, 363 new cases of Covid-19 were diagnosed in the state. Already on Thursday, 6, 275 cases were confirmed, which showed an increase in the number of positive diagnoses. In comparison, on Wednesday, 5, the record was 178 confirmed cases in 24 hours.

According to the Secretary of Health of Amazonas, Anoar Samad, there is the fear of a worsening in the number of cases, in addition to the worsening of other diseases such as Influenza A. “When the Delta variant appeared, we thought it prudent not to turn over the hospital and we observed for 60 days. In November, the critical period came and we were holding on, because every hour there is something new, like Omicron and H3N2. We are afraid of worsening in the next 15 or 20 days, so we reviewed the whole hospital”, he said.