Fifteen people are rescued from broken toy in amusement park in Manaus

Karol Rocha – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Fifteen people were trapped in a toy of an amusement park in Manaus after a mechanical failure this Sunday night, 16. The breakdown left user at a height of over 10 meters.

According to the Military Fire Department of Amazonas (CBMAM), four vehicles attended the event. The operations center was informed of the occurrence by the park manager, Arlete Aquina. Also according to the corporation, the park manager, Conceição Fátima Gemenes, was instructed to carry out maintenance on the toys.

One person fainted and was taken by the fire department to Hospital e Pronto-Socorro 28 de Agosto, Adrianópolis, South-Central zone. Around 9 pm, the people had already been removed from the toy.

The reportage contacted representatives of the park and is awaiting a position on the situation.

Watch the time when people were trapped in the toy:


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