Flight departing Manaus bound for Santarém returns to airport after collision with bird

Flight suffered the so-called 'Birdstrike' and returned to the Amazon capital. Photo: Romulo D'Castro/Promotion)

Malu Dacio – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Flight 1646 with the route Manaus (MAO) and Santarem (STM) took off from the Amazon capital on the afternoon of Tuesday, 15, but had to return to the International Airport Eduardo Gomes after happening a ‘birdstrike’, ie a collision with bird in free translation from English

According to information obtained by CENARIUM MAGAZINE, approximately 45 passengers occupied the plane that was leaving for the city of Pará. A flight attendant explained that “GOL’s safety protocol states that the plane must return in case of any incidents.


In a statement, the press office of the airline responsible for the flight confirmed that due to a birdstrike (bird collision) in the first minutes after takeoff, it was necessary to return to Manaus for maintenance on the aircraft.

Approximately 45 passengers were on the plane (Photo: Rômulo D’Castro/CENARIUM)

Also according to the company, “all impacted customers received the necessary treatment. The flight will be operated in another aircraft with new takeoff scheduled for 23h45 local time”, said GOL, which regretted the inconvenience caused, but stressed that all actions related to the flight were taken with a focus on safety.

Recurrent accidents

A little over a month ago, another plane crash scared passengers. After taking off from the Amazon capital, a flight of the Azul Linhas Aereas company bound for Recife needed to return to Manaus by mechanical failure, in the early hours of Monday, 10, around 2h.

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One of the turbines of the aircraft caught fire minutes after takeoff from the International Airport Eduardo Gomes. In images published on social networks, It is possible to observe the desperation of passengers and tension to realize the accident.


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