FVS starts tracking after confirming that Omicron is prevalent in Amazonas

FVS believes that the high transmissibility of the new coronavirus variant may make it prevalent in Amazonas in the coming weeks (Rodrigo Santos/SES-AM)

Bruno Pacheco – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – After a meeting of the Intersectorial Committee of Confrontation of Covid-19, on Friday, 14, the Health Surveillance Foundation of Amazonas Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP) started a tracking action of the Ômicron variant of Covid-19 to adopt measures and draw strategies to contain the disease. According to the agency, the high transmissibility of the new coronavirus variant may make it prevalent in Amazonas in the coming weeks.

In all, 600 genome samples, collected through RT-PCR tests in people who tested positive, were forwarded by FVS-RCP for genomic sequencing at the Instituto Leônidas e Maria Deane (Fiocruz Amazônia), with the objective of tracking cases of the new variant.


Data from the committee reveal that each person infected by the new variant can transmit the virus to 206 other people. Because of this, the FVS-RCP works with the trend that Omicron is the main reason for the advancement of Covid-19 cases.

“We all know that now in January we had the introduction of the Ômicron variant, that this variant is the main reason for the advance of cases”, said Tatyana Amorim, president-director of FVS-RCP. According to the head of the foundation, so far, there is no record in the Amazon of people hospitalized with the Omicron.


Since the confirmation of the arrival of Omicron in Amazonas, on January 4th of this year, the state government has adopted firmer actions to follow the evolution of the cases of Covid-19 and fight the spread of the virus.

In the first week of this month, governor Wilson Lima (PSC) signed a decree that suspended the realization of events of any nature with ticket sales in all the municipalities of the State of Amazonas, regardless of the amount of public. The measure to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is valid indefinitely.

In private social events, without ticket sales, such as weddings, birthdays, and graduations, the number of people was limited to 50% of the venue’s capacity and a maximum of 200 people. The venues must also follow the protocols of distance, use of mask, alcohol gel, and regularity of the vaccination situation.

Combat in the countryside

Preventive actions have also been adopted by the city halls in the interior of the state. In São Paulo de Olivença (1,350 kilometers from Manaus), Mayor Nazareno Souza Martins, Gibe (Republicans), extended the decree of partial and temporary restriction on the movement of people through the city until January 30 this year.

Already in Beruri (173 kilometers from Manaus), Mayor Maria Lucir Santos de Oliveira (MDB) made mandatory immunization against Covid-19 of municipal civil servants, trainees and employees of companies that provide services to the municipal administration.

Maria also made mandatory the use of masks for the circulation of people in public spaces and followed the decree of the Government of Amazonas and suspended, until further release, the holding of events of any kind with ticket sales in the city, which has 2,296 cases of Covid-19 and 34 deaths by the pandemic.

In Parintins (336 kilometers from Manaus), the mayor Bi Garcia (DEM) decided to cancel the ‘Carnailha 2022’. The event, which was scheduled for February this year, was suspended because of the Covid-19 Ômicron variant.


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