In Brazil, the state of Amazon receives 256 thousand doses of vaccine against Covid-19 and begins vaccination on Tuesday

In São Paulo, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, Safe Flag of Amazonas alongside the Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuello, and other members of the delegation (Secom / Divulgation)

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The Amazon’s governor, Wilson Lima, received this Monday, 18, the first doses of Coronavac, the vaccine against Covid-19 that is being distributed by the Ministry of Health to the whole country. The State will have 256 thousand doses of the immunizer for application in the priority group of the population. From there, the governor heads to Brasília (DF), where he will have a meeting with President Jair Bolsonaro.

A ceremony to deliver the immunizer developed by researchers at the Butantã Institute was held at the Logistics Center of the Unified Health System (SUS), in Guarulhos (SP), by the Ministry of Health. Vaccines stored in cold rooms at 18 ° C, will be sent from that base to the States in Brazilian Air Force (FAB) planes today.


The forecast is that the batch will arrive in Manaus in the late afternoon of Monday when distribution to the stations has already started. Immunization should start this Tuesday, 19, in the morning.

“The division of how many doses go to each region has already been done. The State of Amazonas will have 256 thousand doses, in that first moment, and another 50 thousand doses from the government of São Paulo. This is the hope for us to begin to return our lives to normal, especially our state, which is being greatly affected by Covid-19. It is a message of hope, of struggle. We are in a war and we must all be committed to that purpose”, said Wilson Lima.

The Minister of Health, Eduardo Pazuello, announced the release of 6 million doses of the vaccine developed by the Butantã Institute and said that the States can start vaccination today. “Anvisa’s release of emergency use is a historic landmark for the country. It is the first step towards the largest vaccination campaign in the world. Later this week, we will move to second place in the world (in vaccination)”, said Pazuello.

The minister also said that next week the doses of the vaccine developed by Astra Zeneca should arrive. In that first moment, health professionals, elderly people living in long-term institutions, indigenous villagers, and people with disabilities will be vaccinated. “The beginning of vaccination does not release us from continuing to use a mask, preventive measures, and social exclusion. We will continue to live in this way until the pandemic is controlled”, warned Pazuello.


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