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SÃO PAULO – With a powerful bite – the force could reach seven tons – this prehistoric animal consumed 40kg of meat daily.

Known as ‘purussaurus’, the super alligator was 12.5 meters long, weighed 8.4 tons and lived in several regions: from Acre, in Brazil, until to Panama, passing through what are now territories of Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru.

According to the scientists, the disappearance of the voracious carnivore occurred with the appearance of the Andes. The geological phenomenon would have affected the Amazon.

Replica of “purussaurus” is on display at Ufac (Reproduction / G1)

Due to climatic and geological changes, several species that served as prey for Purussaurus were disappearing exponentially, causing an imbalance in the food chain.

At the Ufac Research Laboratory, in Rio Branco, capital of Acre, a full-scale replica of the ‘Purussaurs’ who lived in that state in northern Brazil until the end of the Miocene period is displayed.