Hunters complete eight days missing in the interior of the AM; searches continue

Bruno Pacheco – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Residents of Urucará (261 kilometers from Manaus) live days under tension with the case of three hunters, identified as Ademir Serrão, Valdenir Pantoja Serrão and José Neto, who complete, this Sunday, 13, eight days missing. On the 5th, the trio had gone out hunting in the Buçuzal community, rural area of the city, but did not return home. Authorities in the region became aware of the situation the next morning, the 6th, when the search began.

This Saturday, after a week of intense searches without success, the Public Safety Secretary of Amazonas (SSP-AM), general Mansur, sent a team of police reinforcement to the city in order to support the search for the missing. According to the folder, 14 men, including nine firefighters, three civil police officers, and two agents of the Integrated Department of Air Operations (Dioa), who take the Petrel aircraft to fly over, were deployed to the region where the hunters disappeared.

“We have already been giving full support to this operation for several days. All the logistics with boats, cars, motorcycles and tricycles. All being supplied by the city government, in addition to the support with food, drinking water, and supplies. Now, around 5 pm, another team from the fire department and civil police is arriving, experts in the forest, in addition to the support of the military police kennel. A mega operation that fills us with hope that our brothers will be found,” declared the Urucará City Hall, this Saturday, 12, in social networks.

Until Friday, 11, more than 100 kilometers were covered in an attempt to find the hunters. In addition to the SSP-AM, participate in searches the Amazon Military Command (CMA). To transport part of the reinforcement and fly over the region, the Army’s 4th Aviation Battalion, Colonel Ricardo Pavanello Squadron (4th BAvEx), made available on Saturday, 12, the Black Hawk helicopter, an air support that was, for days, being requested by the population.


According to Mayor Enrico Falabella, although the hunters are still missing, some of their belongings were found, such as a rifle, sandals, and a machete. The situation, which is continuing all the time, has been moving the population, which has also made itself available to help with the search for the trio.

“We are all moved by the situation. Very sad, but for God, nothing is impossible. Let’s all be in prayer and God will hear us. Soon this will pass. He is in charge of everything,” said Aldenise Gama, a resident of Urucará.

Maiane Marques, niece of one of the missing people, tells of the affliction and incalculable pain she is living. She tells about childhood memories with her uncle and says that, at this moment, faith in finding the hunters moves the family.

“The desire is so great to be with my mother and my uncles at this moment. This affliction that won’t go away,” reports the young woman. On social networks, she asks that false information about the case not be shared and that everyone understands the family’s pain at this time of searching.

My uncle, along with my cousins, have not been found yet. I ask you to understand our pain! All wrong information makes us sadder. This hinders the search,” Maiane Marques implores.

Aldemir Pantoja Serrão, Valdemir Paes Serrão and José Viana Gonçalves are still missing. Information about them can be shared with the family through the contact on the photo (Promotion)

Residents call for action

To mobilize more people in the search for the missing people, residents of Buçuzal have called the attention of the population and the authorities on social networks. Together with the firemen, Brazilian Army, police and other public safety agents, the community has joined the operations to try to find the workers lost in the forest.

On social networks, a woman shared a video to show the residents moving into the woods. “This is the third team that is doing the search for the three gentlemen who are lost in the woods. We are taking fire and asking you to help us, because these people here in the community are distressed. There are three fathers of families who are in the woods,” he asked.


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