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SÃO PAULO – The ICU occupancy rates in Brazilian states reach the best index since July 2020, when the Fiocruz Covid-19 Observatory started collecting the data. For the first time since last year, no state is in the critical alert zone, with occupancy above 80% of the beds for patients infected by the new coronavirus.

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At the worst moment of the epidemic, in March, 21 states had occupancy above 80%. Of these, 15 were over 90%.

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Furthermore, only five states are now in the intermediate zone, with occupancy between 60% and 79%. Last week, one state was still in the critical zone, and seven in the intermediate zone.

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Detail: the bed occupancy percentage remains high in some of them, such as Roraima and Rondônia, because they are closing beds for Covid-19, and not because they are receiving more patients. Roraima decreased the number of beds from 74 to 50 in one week. Rondônia, from 230 to 166.

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Mato Grosso and Goiás remain with occupancy rates of 79% and 78%, respectively.


The biggest concern is in regard to Rio de Janeiro. Unlike the vast majority of the states, which see the number of passengers dropping every week, the number of passengers there has been rising.

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Six weeks ago, the occupancy of ICU beds for Covid-19 was 59% in the state of Rio. It rose to 61% last week, and to 67% this week.


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