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Priscilla Peixoto – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – With the proposal of immersion, liberation and healing of the evils that imprison and make self-knowledge impossible, the integrative therapist and reiki master Diovhana Mota will hold the second edition of ‘Immersion in the Amazon: experience for women’. The activities will take place on February 12th and 13th, at the Amazônia Jungle Hotel, located at Estrada Manoel Urbano, KM 35 AM 070, Iranduba. To participate in the moment of self-rescue, just access the link, register, and pay the amount of R$746.

“It will be a beautiful egregore in the middle of the Amazon Forest, we will live two very special days where it will be possible to immerse yourself in yourself, recognize yourself as a potency, which is to free yourself from what imprisons you. We all deserve to be connected to the divine source inside and outside of us. I have other types of experiences, but the immersion came in a much more powerful proposal, because of its longer duration”, says the therapist.

According to Diovhana, the participants will have lodging with full board, river transportation to the hotel, workshops and practices. “We will have lunch and dinner on the 12th, coffee and lunch on the 13th, the river support, except overland, and all the experiences facilitated by me”, she explains.

Diovhana Mota has been working as a therapist for three years (Reproduction/Personal file)


Born in Santarém, in the state of Pará, the therapist chose Manaus to live 15 years ago and tells that since she was very young she already showed interest in the spiritual universe and everything that she identifies as “out of the ordinary and not superficial”.

“I was always the point outside the curve in the family”, says Diovhana, in laughing tones, and adds. “My spiritual quest until then was for my healing and liberation, that’s when spirituality brought me face to face with my soul mission”, she reveals.

In addition to being a therapist, Diovhana identifies herself as a “facilitator of the expansion of consciousness”, and over time has realized how much the female figure needs to delve into self-knowledge and several times does not do so.

“It is my calling. Serving as an integrative therapist reveals how much more open women are to healing and, in a way, how much they need it too. The fact is that our whole current social construction takes us away from that reality because we live in the moment of occupation. Roles, positions, and we forget about being. Our instinctive nature”, explains the reiki master.

Record of the first edition of the Immersion (Reproduction/personal archive)

Women and Mother Earth

When asked about the connection of the Amazon and nature with the sacred feminine, the therapist points out that women are similar to the so-called mother earth and cyclical like the moon and emphasizes that a woman’s connection with these elements is inherent in anything.

“Sometimes, even without awareness, we are ritualizing our lives. Just like Pachamama, we die and are reborn with each new cycle. We bleed, we gestate, we bring life to life, and we return to our shells. There is a force within all of us that enables us to be in direct contact with our depths: our wild woman. The one who feels, who knows, who communicates, who chooses, who welcomes, and who respects”, teaches the reiki master.

According to the facilitator, the immersion days refer to a more common practice of ancestral women when they could be fully connected in several areas. A practice that with the passage of time has ended. “Pachamama teaches us, welcomes us, loves us, and gives us breath, food for body and soul. Nothing better than working with feminine energy immersed in this place of peace and knowledge”, she concludes.

Those interested in more details about departure and arrival times at the hotel can contact the number: (092) 99151-9191.


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