In Amazonas, investigator is dismissed after punching woman

Tuane Brito was assaulted on Saturday 15th in Pauini (Reproduction/Instagram)
Marcela Leiros – From Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS (AM) – Amazonas Civil Police (PC-AM) investigator Alisson Sena, previously head of the Pauini Police Station, 923 kilometers from Manaus (AM), has been removed from duty after being accused of assaulting a woman, identified as Tuane Brito, with a punch to the face. The case will be referred to the police internal affairs department.

“The Civil Police of the State of Amazonas would like to inform you about the events in the municipality of Pauini. We clarify that the Civil Police investigator involved in the incident has been removed from his duties for the proper investigation of the facts. The case was promptly referred to the Civil Police Internal Affairs Department, which will conduct the investigations with total rigor and impartiality, ensuring that all appropriate measures are adopted”, said the corporation.

Note from PC-AM on the case (Disclosure/PC-AM via Instagram)

The episode of violence took place on Saturday 15th in the municipality, after the investigator had gone to get some satisfaction over statements made by Tauane. “She [Tuane] said he had to be careful because he was doing a lot of wrong things,” said the victim’s cousin, Efraim Oliveira, who witnessed the assault.

Investigator used to work as a deputy in the municipality (Reproduction)

As well as punching her in the face, Alisson Sena also encouraged his brother-in-law to commit violence against her, said Tuane Brito. The victim also accused the investigator of failing to provide assistance. In the images shared, it is possible to see that Tuane’s face is all bloodied.

Watch the video:

The reason for the attack was political, because, according to the victim and witnesses, the deputy is a supporter of the town’s mayor, Renato Afonso (União Brasil). Tuane, who is considered to be opposed to the current mayor, said she had already been the victim of previous attacks by Renato’s aides. “She did it for political reasons, to defend the mayor,” added Efraim.

Translated by Bruno Sena


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