In Manaus, Civil Police investigate abandonment of newborn baby in car

The baby was inside a Chevrolet vehicle, model Kadett (Promotion/SSP-AM)

Marcela Leiros – from Cenarium

MANAUS – The Civil Police of Amazonas is already investigating the case of a newborn baby found in a vehicle in the early hours of this Saturday, 11, at Francisca Julia Street, Nova Esperança neighborhood, West Zone of Manaus. According to the police report (BO) registered at the Police Department Specialized in Child and Adolescent Protection (Depca), the baby still had umbilical cord and showed vital signs.

According to the delegate on duty at Depca, Patricia Lion, the Police Investigation (IP) was established to investigate the circumstances of the fact, but “more information can not be passed on so as not to disrupt the progress of police work.


The Civil Police reported that a brigade of the Military Police of the Amazon (PMAM) came to the police unit at 2:57 am to report the finding of a newborn baby, male, who was inside a Chevrolet vehicle, model Kadett, red, at the time they were conducting routine patrol at the address previously mentioned.

The newborn was rescued and taken to a hospital unit in the city, where he remains hospitalized under due care.

Baby was taken to the health unit, in Manaus (Promotion/SSP-AM)

The Case

The baby was found around 00h53. According to a report from military police from the 19th Community Interactive Company (Cicom), when approaching the vehicle, which appeared to be abandoned in a forest area, the agents heard the newborn crying. The child, who was shivering with cold, was taken to a maternity hospital in the Alvorada neighborhood, also in the west of the capital of Amazonas.

According to information from the Military Police, the nurses at the unit reported that the newborn was just over three hours old. The police when checking the situation of the vehicle, did not detect any record of theft or complaint.

The baby was inside a Chevrolet vehicle, model Kadett (Promotion)

Abandonment of incapacity

On August 25, a 2-year-old child died in Bauru, São Paulo, after being left inside a car. According to the Civil Police of the state, Arthur Oliveira dos Santos was under the care of the caretaker Glaucia Aparecida Luiz, who, along with her daughter, was responsible for another ten children in her house.

The police reported that the place functioned as an irregular day care center and was triggered in the late afternoon of Wednesday, 25, after the boy had been taken by Glaucia to an Emergency Care Unit (UPA), but the child arrived lifeless.

According to the delegate Mário Henrique de Oliveira, Arthur stayed more than three hours, from 1:45 pm to 4:51 pm, inside the closed car. At UPA signs of dehydration and suffocation were found, but the child’s body was sent to the IML and the cause of death will be investigated.

The caregiver was arrested for murder with intent and had her preventive detention ordered. Her defense informed that she will file a request for provisional release on Thursday, September 9, because “there was never any intention of causing such a result”.

Little boy Arthur, who died in Bauru (SP) after being forgotten in a car, with his parents (Personal File)


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