In Manaus, mayor will spend more than R$3 million to broadcast sessions

Councilman David Reis (Robervaldo Rocha/ CMM)

Marcela Leiros – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The mayor of Manaus, David Reis (Avante), decided to disburse the millionaire value of more than R$ 3 million to hire a company to broadcast the plenary sessions live from the Legislature in 2022. The value, if divided by all the sessions scheduled to occur during the year, exceeds R$ 22 thousand per transmission. The Amendment to Contract No. 002/2021 was published in the Official Journal of the CMM in the last day 2.

The approval in the exact amount of R$ 3,163,388.90 was published after the bidding process in the form of Public Bidding, No. 016/2020, Process No. 2021.10000.10718.0.002482. The description specifies the services to be provided: “Hiring a specialized company to provide equipment leasing services, installation and maintenance, for the transmission of live plenary sessions, with a view to implementing the Brazilian digital signal of high definition content for the TV House of Manaus.


According to the homologation, this is the first Term Amendment to the Contract. The contracted company was Abraão da S Cardoso Comunicações e Produções Eireli. With the extension of the bidding, the services will be provided for more than 12 months, ending on January 03, 2023.

Excerpt of the publication in the Official Journal (Reproduction/ CMM)

Although the contract states that the beginning of the extension of the period of provision of services began on January 4 this year, activities in the Legislative House only returned last Wednesday, 2, when Mayor David Almeida (Avante) held the reading of the government message to open the 20th legislature of the City Council Manaus.

The plenary sessions are broadcast live, from Monday to Wednesday, from 9am to 12pm, through a contract with a local TV station. There is also an operation contract through the cable TV system in a shared signal with TV Assembleia. Taking into account that the councilors’ sessions will still occur for, on average, 47 weeks, equivalent to 141 sessions, the amount used for the live broadcast of each session will be R$22.4 thousand.

Expenses in 2021

Survey by CENARIUM in the Transparency Portal of CMM showed that in 2021, the institution paid 6,202,750.80 for “Communication Services in General”. The report asked if the company Abraão da S Cardoso Comunicações e Produções Eireli has already provided service to the House last year, but did not get back until the publication of this story.

The company

The contracted company, with CNPJ 08.710.304/0001-54, has as its main economic activity the services of “Film, video and television program post-production activities not previously specified”.

In addition, other activities described are: Maintenance and repair of machinery, apparatus, and electrical materials; Electrical installation and maintenance; Production of films for advertising; Motion picture, video, and television program production activities; Dubbing services; among others.

Check out the Official Diary in full:

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