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Priscilla Peixoto – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Indigenous families who live in the community of Pium, located in the Tabaio region, municipality of Alto Alegre in Roraima (87 kilometers from Boa Vista), had houses demolished during a repossession to farmers from São Paulo, according to information from the Indigenous Council of Roraima. The action occurred on Wednesday, December 1st and was registered by indigenous residents of the community.

In the images it is possible to see that during the repossession operation carried out by the Military Police, the Special Police Operations Battalion (BOPE) and the Civil Police, rubber bullets were fired and tear gas bombs were used against the indigenous people of the community. The video shows the moment the police advance towards the indigenous people’s dwelling while they ask them not to shoot. “My God, they are animals, don’t shoot, no”, pleads one resident.

In another moment, the police use a backhoe to destroy the house of an elderly woman who refuses to sign a notification document. “I own this little house (…) I won’t sign anything, I don’t know how to write”, says the indigenous woman as she watches the small house made of straw and wood fall down.

Watch some moments of the repossession action with the elderly indigenous woman protesting against the action of the police:


According to information from the Government of Roraima, the court order pronounced by Judge Sissi Marlene Dietrich Schwantes, of the Single Civil Court of Alto Alegre, was concluded and there were no injuries during the action. The government further states that it tried to carry out the order as peacefully as possible, but encountered resistance from the indigenous people. According to reports from local residents at least two people were injured during the action.

According to local leaders, the threats to the residents have been going on since April of this year. They point out that the area which the soybean farmers claim to own has always been traditionally used by the indigenous people of the community. They also point out that the families have maintained subsistence activities there for over 30 years.

About what happened on Wednesday, the Indigenous Council of Roraima (CIR) assured that it is investigating the situation and will update the information soon. On the social network, the Council manifested itself through the following post:

“The leaders of the Indigenous Community Pium, Tabaio region, which is in the municipality of Alto Alegre, reported the violence and truculence on the part of the Military Police of Roraima during the enforcement of a court order issued by the judge of the district of Alto Alegre that occurred this morning, December 1, 2021.

The residents reported that the Military Police, BOPE and Civil Police arrived at six o’clock in the morning, accompanied by strangers and soon asked them to leave their homes. The families were making coffee and taking care of household chores before going out to work. When they tried to dialogue, the military police retaliated by throwing bombs at the women, children and youth. Two young people were injured by rubber bullets, even though there was no resistance on the part of the indigenous people”, the posting said.