Infectologists reinforce the need for vaccination against Covid-19 for children

Karol Rocha – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Until Friday, 28, the State of Amazonas applied more than 5,200 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 in children 5 to 11 years. The number is still inexpressive for infectologists who reinforce the need for parents to take children to a point of immunization.

A total of 119 thousand doses of the immunizer Pfizer was sent by the Ministry of Health for the vaccination of the new target audience. In Amazonas, doses of the immunizers Pfizer and CoronaVac are being used to start the new vaccination phase.

“It is important to say that the vaccine is not an experiment. We have more than 8 million vaccinated children in the United States who have not had any serious effects. The amount of doses applied in children, in the state, is still not expressive, so parents should believe in the vaccine so that we have more vaccinated children”, said the infectious disease specialist Nelson Barbosa.

Infectologist Nelson Barbosa. (Promotion)

For the infectologist Solange Dourado, who coordinates the Reference Center for Special Immunobiologicals (Crie), the Foundation for Tropical Medicine Doutor Heitor Vieira Dourado (FMT-HVD), there are no proven records of cases of children who have suffered damage to health, caused by the vaccine.

She points out that, as well as the immunizers directed to adults, the vaccine for children has been tested, approved, and is safe, besides reducing the chances of developing severe forms of Covid-19. “All vaccines used by the Ministry of Health, released by the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa), are safe products, because they have been studied. The studies are those moments when several organizations propose to study that vaccine, its application in a certain age group. We already had this for adults, and now we have it for children”, Solange emphasized.

According to the doctor, when taking children to receive the vaccine, the parents or guardians are instructed to wait 20 minutes at the site, after the application. She emphasizes that the measure is a precaution.

“As we are starting to apply it in a much larger number of children than what was observed in the studies, we don’t know if some children may respond with a hypersensitivity. The Ministry of Health considered it safer to wait these 20 minutes so that the family can leave the health service more relaxed”, said Solange.

Immunization in schools

The immunization points in municipal schools of Manaus start working on Monday, 31, from 9am to 4pm, for the care of students from 5 to 11 years, with comorbidities and permanent disabilities (PcDs), and 6 to 11 years, without pre-existing diseases. At these locations, children of the same age group, who are not enrolled in municipal schools, but live in the surrounding area, can also be attended.

The teaching units where the vaccine against Covid-19 will be offered are the Municipal Integrated Center of Education (Cime) Doctor Viviane Estrela Marques Rodella, in Lago Azul, North zone; Cime Senator Artur Virgílio do Carmo Ribeiro Filho, in the neighborhood Gilberto Mestrinho, East zone; Cime Josefina Rosa de Mattos Pereira de Castro, in Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, East zone; and the Municipal Center for Early Childhood Education (Cmei) Graziela Ribeiro, located in the neighborhood Alvorada 2, West zone.

In addition, the vaccination points at the Worker’s Club-Sesi, in the East zone, and Studio 5 Convention Center, in the South zone, will support the care of students from 5 to 11 years old who live in these regions. With the service points in the schools, there are now nine vaccination sites in the municipal immunization campaign against Covid-19 for children. 

In all these places can be vaccinated children in the age group contemplated, which do not present symptoms of diseases in the acute phase and that have not been vaccinated for other diseases in the last 15 days.

Guidelines for vaccination

The Municipal Health Department (Semsa) advises that parents and other guardians take the child to the vaccination point with three mandatory documents: birth certificate or original identification document with photo; SUS national card or CPF, and the vaccination booklet.

The Department also recommends that children with an acute illness wait until they are fully recovered before receiving the vaccine. In addition, those who have taken any other immunization from the children’s calendar in the last 15 days cannot be vaccinated. Vaccination sites, groups served and other information is available for consultation on the website of Semsa ( and the official social networks (@semsamanaus, on Instagram, and Semsa Manaus, on Facebook).


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