‘It takes technique and responsibility’, says CENARIUM CEO about entrepreneurship in Journalism Week

Journalist Paula Litaiff and Elias Mariano (Gustavo Gilona/CENARIUM)

Priscilla Peixoto – from Cenarium

MANAUS – Finishing the second day of presentations at the Federal University of Amazonas (Ufam) Journalism Week, CENARIUM’s executive director, Paula Litaiff, participates, this Thursday, 14th, in the conversation circle “Management and entrepreneurship dilemmas”. The journalist and entrepreneur shares experiences and tips about managing a communication company with students and communication professionals.

In the chat, the entrepreneur also reveals how she made real the CENARIUM project with the theme about the Amazon, bringing to light indigenous causes, diversity, economy, politics, sustainability, environment, science and feminism, besides the importance of fighting the dissemination of fake news.


“I already entered journalism dreaming of having something in this format one day. Entrepreneurship is not easy, and to put it into practice we look for techniques. Today, we are a multiplatform that takes the Amazon to the world. I believe that you have to take responsibility for your brand. Understanding that your brand is you and that this requires seriousness is one of the main points”, emphasizes Litaiff.

During the event, CENARIUM’s micro entrepreneur and social media Elias Mariano also shares his professional experiences. For over five years in the micro-entrepreneurship business and for three years using social networks as a work tool, the 23-year-old from the state of Amazonas tells how he joined the two segments to obtain extra income.

“Since adolescence I have this habit of engaging in small things, with time I understood that the internet could help me on this path and I qualified myself. It’s nice to see future co-workers tuned in and wanting to know more about the subject, it’s a gift to participate in this moment”, declares the social media.

The communication professionals continue the round of conversation about “The dilemmas of management and entrepreneurship” in a live broadcast on the YouTube channel of TV Cenarium.


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