Marvel announces first gay Captain America

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This week Marvel Comics introduced the first LGBTQ+ character to take on the uniform of Captain America in comics.

Young Aaron Fischer will replace the characters Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and John Walker and will defend communities of specific people, representing “the oppressed and the forgotten”, as the writer responsible for creating the character said

The new version of the story, entitled “The United States of Captain America”, will begin with the previous 4 captains – Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes and John Walker – on a quest to find the hero’s lost shield. Along the way, they encounter characters who were inspired by Captain America’s legends to help specific groups of people.

One of the people the ex-captains meet is Aaron Fischer, an openly gay young man who has tattoos all over his body, as well as nose piercings and earrings. Aaron also wears a costume inspired by Captain America.

The character will wear a costume inspired by the first Captain America (Reproduction / Twitter / Josh Trujillo)

Created by writer Josh Trujillo, who is also a homosexual and artist Jan Bazaldua, a trans woman, Aaron will protect young fugitives and homeless people, despite not having the same strength as Steve Rogers. The new Captain will be appointed as “Captain America of the Railroads”, referring to the fact that abandoned trails become a refuge for countless homeless people in the United States.

Aaron is inspired by queer community heroes: activists, leaders, and ordinary people who strive for a better life. He represents the oppressed and the forgotten, ”said Trujillo.

The first edition of the new phase of the comics is scheduled for sale on June 2, in the United States.

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