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Marcela Leiros – From Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – An image went viral on social media and touched everyone this Friday, the 30th. In the record, posted on Facebook by nurse Adriana Zurra, it is possible to see the moment when an elderly indigenous person is being immunized against Covid-19 in the middle of the river in Tefé, inland Amazonas.

The scene would be common if it weren’t for a difference: vaccination takes place inside a canoe, which is a means of transport generally used to reach riverside and indigenous communities in the state.

In the caption of the photo, the nurse refers to the moment as “vaccination drive-thru in Amazonas” and also reinforces that “behind this photo, there is a whole team from the Base Kumarú who did not measure nor measure efforts to bring health the most distant indigenous populations”, he said in the post.

According to the website of the Government of Amazonas, which contains information about vaccination against Covid-19 in the State, 31,604 people have already been immunized.

Until this Friday, the Covid-19 Daily Bulletin, edition No. 301, from the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation (FVS-AM), reported the diagnosis of 2,116 new cases of Covid-19, totaling 261,574 cases of the disease in the state.

According to the bulletin, 120 deaths were confirmed by Covid-19, of which 87 occurred on the 28th of this month and 33 deaths were ended due to clinical, imaging, epidemiological or laboratory criteria, increasing the total number of deaths to 7,793.