MPF notifies companies in Amazonas for illegal sport fishing in indigenous territory

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MANAUS (AM) – The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office (MPF) issued a recommendation last Wednesday, 22, advising companies in Urucará, a municipality located 259 kilometers from Manaus, to stop practicing sport fishing in the Arará indigenous territory, on the lower Jatapu River.

The document, written by prosecutor Eduardo Jesus Sanchez, is addressed to the companies River Plate Angling, Liga de Eco-Pousadas da Amazônia LTDA, NG Turismo e Navegação Ltda, Jatapu Angler and Aryefoma Fly Fishing, as well as the businessmen Natanael Guedes dos Santos and Luís Brown.

“The indigenous territory (including its rivers) belongs to the Indigenous People and cannot be exploited without the agreement of the community through its decision-making bodies and in accordance with its traditions, in obedience to the constitutional determination stamped in the caput of art. 231”, wrote the prosecutor.

The recommendation was extended to five tourism and fishing companies (Reproduction/Document)

Signing agreements involving tourist exploration in indigenous areas without the consent of the people who live there, selling packages related to sport fishing and carrying out construction work on stilts near the northern portion of the Indigenous Land (TI) were some of the actions carried out by the companies that were vetoed in the recommendation.

The document set a deadline of ten days for the companies to send information on their compliance with the guidelines, in addition to providing proof of compliance, under penalty of “judicial” and “extrajudicial measures” to be taken by the MPF.

“It should be noted that unjustified non-compliance with the measures set out in this Recommendation will subject those responsible, whether individuals or companies, to the appropriate civil and criminal administrative or judicial measures, to the fullest extent, and they may also be held liable for any material or moral damage suffered by the Union and the community”, he said.

The document was signed by prosecutor Eduardo Jesus Sanches (Reproduction/Document)

According to the provisions of Complementary Law 75/93, it is the duty of the Public Prosecutor’s Office to promote civil investigations and public civil actions for the protection of constitutional rights, environmental heritage and unavailable individual, diffuse and collective interests relating to indigenous communities and ethnic minorities.

“The lands traditionally occupied by indigenous peoples are intended for their permanent possession, and they are entitled to the exclusive usufruct of the riches of the soil, rivers and lakes existing in them,” says Article 231 of the Federal Constitution, also cited in the body of the document.

See the document in full:

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Edited by Aldizangela Brito
Translated by Bruno Sena

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