Photojournalist is threatened for publicizing wildfires in the countryside of Amazonas

Burning and deforestation at the km 42 branch line (Edmar Barros/Instagram)

Victória Sales – from Cenarium

MANAUS (AM) – On the morning of Tuesday, 24, the photojournalist Edmar Barros posted on a social network, a report about the threat he received through his WhatsApp. According to Barros, the threat happened after the professional publish images of fires that were happening in the city of Labrea, in southern Amazonas.

According to Edmar, the threats came to his phone on the night of Monday, 23. “Who threatened me probably do not know my personality and much less my work, if I was afraid of threats would never have chosen photojournalism as a profession, those who know me know that when they threaten me or try to stop my work then I take it up anyway”, explained in social network.


Also in the publication, Edmar affirms that “unfortunately” he is no longer in Lábrea. “I received the message below last night, a pity that I am no longer in Lábrea, because I would be there in the morning at km 42 again looking for the environmental criminal “bad guy'”, wrote Edmar.

In the message, the unidentified person claims that he was bringing a message from the “people of 42”. “If you come to put your ass here in Labrea to denounce the logging, you will be burned at the stake, I will give you two days for you to disappear from the region, that’s it, your clock is ticking, stay tuned, you will become a barbecue. Message given”, he said.


It is worth noting that Lábrea had the highest number of fires between January 1 and August 8, 2021, according to data made available by the Amazonas State Department of Environment (Sema). Together, it is also possible to identify the city of Apuí as one of the largest locations with hotspots. Lábrea accumulated 761 hotspots, while Apuí, the second ranked city, accumulated 736, according to a report released by Sema on the last 10th.

In total, 3,223 fires were registered in all of Amazonas. But although the number is high, it is still lower than the one registered in the same period in 2020, when 5,250 fires were registered. Among the states of the Legal Amazon, the drop in Amazonas was 38.6%, the largest among the nine states.


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