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The CENARIUM MAGAZINE is a communication vehicle that prioritizes socio-environmental and cultural matters on the Brazilian Amazon, in addition to general themes on socio-political, socio-economic, and behavioral issues concerning diversity and plurality of thoughts.

Founded on June 1, 2018, as a printed journal, the CENARIUM MAGAZINE went online on April 15, 2020, as an electronic page and Web TV, maintaining a monthly print run of 70 pages.

It is headquartered at the Corporate Trade Center Edifice, at Avenida Álvaro Maia, Nº 2,357, Rooms 701 and 702, in the Adrianópolis District in Manaus, Amazonas – Telephone: (055 92) 3071-8790. Find out, now, who are responsible for making CENARIUM MAGAZINE a great ally of society:

General Director

Paula Litaiff – MTb-793/AM

Executive Editors – On-Line

Luís Henrique Oliveira

Carolina Givoni

Executive Editor – Print

Márcia Guimarães

Writing Coordinator

Juliana Matos


Ana Pastana

Bruno Pacheco

Carolina Givoni

Caroline Viegas

Gabriel Abreu

Gabriel Ricardo

Gisele Coutinho

João Paulo Guimarães

Jenifer Silva (Site Paula Litaiff)

Luís Henrique Oliveira

Márcia Guimarães

Mencius Melo

Paula Litaiff

Victória Sales


Ricardo Oliveira

Arleson Sicsu

Social Media

Gisele Coutinho

Marcele Fernandes


Luiz Ricardo Silva

Image Editing

Luiz Ricardo Silva

Administrative Management

Elcimara Oliveira

executive Secretary

Edne Ramos

(092) 3071-8790

Legal Advice

Christhian Naranjo de Oliveira

(OAB 4188/AM)