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Marcela Leiros – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The nine states of the Legal Amazon region gather 13.84% of the Brazilian population, adding 29.31 million inhabitants, according to projection for 2020 of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE). Of these, 13.49 million had received at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccine by July 22 this year, according to data from the monitoring of the doses applied available on the Ministry of Health’s website, based on data provided by the states. The number corresponds to 46% of the inhabitants.

However, the amount of people fully immunized with the two doses or single dose, is still low in the region. According to the press consortium, which gathers six national communication vehicles, until July 22nd, the state in the region that presented the highest percentage of fully immunized people was Pará, with 16.21%. It is followed by Amazonas (15.12%), Mato Grosso (13.34%), Maranhão (12.83%), Tocantins (12.69%), Acre (12.60%), Roraima (12.29%), Rondônia (11.89%) and Amapá (10.41%). Experts say that, to contain the pandemic, it is necessary that at least 70% of the population is immunized.

Mortality and lethality

With states that are divided into three Brazilian regions, the Legal Amazon region has already accumulated 2.57 million positive cases of Covid-19 since the new coronavirus pandemic arrived in Brazil in March 2020, the equivalent to 13.19% of the 19.52 million confirmed cases in the country. The number of deaths is also significant, totaling 66,516, or, 12.15% of the 547,016 counted until July 22 throughout the Brazilian territory.

Although Amazonas is in first place in number of deaths (13,462) and occupies the third position in number of cases (413,146) among the nine federative units that compose the Legal Amazon, the state loses to Rondônia, when it comes to mortality by the disease per 100,000 inhabitants. Rondônia has the sad mark of 356 deaths by Covid-19 for each group of 100 thousand, followed by Mato Grosso, with 355. Amazonas closes the list of the three states with the highest indicators, with 325 deaths per 100 thousand people. Four states in the region have a mortality rate higher than the country’s average, which, until the surveyed date, was 260.3.

Vaccination against Covid-19

In a deeper analysis of the data, an indicator has called the attention of scholars and health authorities. The lethality, calculated from the percentage of deaths over the number of cases, shows that Amazonas, Maranhão, and Pará are the ones that presented the highest percentages among the others in the region: 3.25%, 2.86%, and 2.80%, respectively. The averages of the three states were above, even, the Brazilian average, which until the researched date was 260.3. The calculation considered data from the Coronavirus Brazil/Covid-19 portal in Brazil, from the Ministry of Health.