Student organizations celebrate Milton Ribeiro’s departure from the Ministry of Education

Malu Dacio – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The exchange of chairs at the Ministry of Education did not surprise entities and mobilizations linked to education that did not celebrate the news of Milton Ribeiro’s exoneration from the portfolio on Monday, 28.

To CENARIUM MAGAZINE, Bruna Brelaz, president of the National Union of Students (UNE) classified the exit of the now ex-minister as a victory for Brazilian education, but said that it is still not enough for the struggle.

“His exit is not enough, we need an investigation of the embezzlement of funds, of the corruption scheme installed in the portfolio and in the Bolsonaro government. The lack of educational projects and the reduction of investments are evidence of these schemes,” said the president.

Bruna Brelaz, president of UNE, in a students’ act (Release)

According to the president, Brazil has no education project and the Ministry of Education has become an organ of total ideological government apparatus and a means to create kickback and corruption schemes.

“An extension of what the Bolsonaro government is. Therefore, in addition to Milton’s departure, it is necessary to restructure the portfolio, replenish budgets, open a dialogue with technicians and education secretaries from all over Brazil. We must remember that the agency is going through an institutional crisis, with the dismissal of technicians and civil servants”, he said.

For Brelaz, the Ministry of Education needs to be headed by a qualified person, with scientific and consistent knowledge about financing, access to education, and democratization, and not someone appointed to set up schemes and ideologies.

Milton’s Return

“I will not say goodbye, I will say see you soon,” was what Milton Ribeiro said on his way out. When asked if she believes that this return speech may signal a possible candidature of Milton, the entity’s president denies it and stated that she does not believe in any return of the former minister.

“His removal is something planned to disperse Bolsonaro’s investigations regarding the scheme. I also can’t see him running in this election,” she criticized.

Fourth minister in three years

For the president of the Brazilian Union of Secondary School Students (Ubes), Rozana Barroso, the former minister’s departure is also a victory because the entities pressured and demanded for his exoneration. “We demanded answers for the absurdity of his involvement. But it is a defeat for Brazil to see that in a short period of time, in less than three years of government, four ministers of education have already passed away,” she recalled.

Rozana Barroso, from Ubes, defended that besides Milton Ribeiro, Bolsonaro also needs to leave office (Release)

“In our opinion, this happens because Bolsonaro’s project is a project of attack on Brazilian education. So, for us, just the exit of Milton Ribeiro is not enough. We demand and fight for the exit of the current president of the republic,” she said.

And more than that, the students demand answers. “We want investigations about the absurdity that has been put out there in the media all over the country in the last few days. Bribes with gold bars, distribution of bibles in events of the Ministry of Education while the Brazilian education has been scrapped”, she recalled.


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