TCE-AM suspends bidding for the supply of uniforms to Manaus City Hall

Front of the Court of Auditors of the State of Amazonas. (Promotion/ TCE-AM)

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MANAUS – The counselor of the Court of Auditors of the Amazonas (TCE-AM), Ari Moutinho, suspended on Wednesday, 26, the Electronic Auction 217/2021, the Municipal Bidding Commission of Manaus (CML), to provide uniforms for the Manaus City Hall. The decision was published in the Electronic Official Journal of the Court.

“This is a Representation, with request for injunctive relief (pages 2/21), made by Dany Kaiton Pinho dos Santos Santos – MEI, against the Municipal Bidding Commission of Manaus and the Municipal Department of Administration, Planning and Management (Semad), due to possible irregularities in the Electronic Auction No. 217/2021-CML/PM”, says the document.

Informações sobre o processo. (Reprodução/ Internet)

The decision “highlights that had the exercise of his right to appeal undermined by the lack of publicity and transparency of the qualification documents of the company classified and approved samples for most of the items bid, as the screen of the system Purchases Manaus, which does not appear the magnifying glass icon next to the name of that company winner, and the request for a copy of the bidding process, made since the time of manifestation of the intention to appeal in the chat session, answered only on the last day of the period for the appeal (7/1/2022)”.

In his decision, Ari Moutinho highlights the risk that the public coffers suffer due to alleged irregularities contained in the pregão. “There are doubts about the judgment of the proposals by the Bidding Committee, when evaluating the samples presented, which allegedly took as a basis new criteria created by the Bidding Committee that were not provided for in the notice and the terms of reference”, he said.

The counselor also states that the accusations reveal evidence of violation of the principles of binding the bid invitation. In addition to suspending the call for tenders and all contracts arising from it, if CML does not comply with the decision as a matter of urgency, it will be liable to a fine for failure to comply with the decision. The reporting team of CENARIUM MAGAZINE tried to contact the Municipality of Manaus, but until the publication of this article there was no return, but leaves the space open for clarification.


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