The CENARIUM MAGAZINE is part of CENARIUM AGENCY, a content generator about the Brazilian Amazon, which produces guidelines on socio-political, socio-economic and behavioral issues related to diversity, gender equality and ethno-racial relations. CENARIUM is present in four communication platforms:


In electronic pages, at Cenarium Agency ( and Cenarium Magazine (, updated daily.


In the printed version, with 70 pages monthly.


Web TV, as TV Cenarium, partner of TV Cultura Brasil in Amazonas.


In podcasts with the show "Papo Político", mediated by Liliane Araújo with participation of Paula Litaiff and Carol Braz.

Ricardo Oliveira / Cenarium Agency

Founded on June 1, 2018 as a printed periodical, CENARIUM went online as an e-magazine on April 15, 2020, under a new concept of advocacy for Amazonian issues and in favor of sustainability, equality, and diversity.

TV Cenarium & TV Cultura
CENARIUM AGENCY has two headquarters:

Corporate Trade Center Building, Av. Álvaro Maia Avenue, Nº 2.357, 7th floor, Rooms 701 and 702, Adrianópolis | Telephone: +55 (92) 3307-4394


Liberty Mall Building, Torre B, 7th floor, Room 731, SCN Q2, Bloco D, Asa Norte | Phone: +55 (61) 99177-4386

Cenarium Magazine’s Cover
Printed / December 2020