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MANAUS – The governor of Amazon State, in Brazil, Wilson Lima, announced, this Tuesday (29/12), that the Getúlio Vargas Hospital (GVUH) now offers 27 beds, being 10 of ICU and 17 clinical beds, for patients with Covid-19. This expansion makes part of the contingency plan of the amazon government to reinforce the health network, in view of the increased number of cases and overload of the private hospitals and the public network.

The offer of beds in GVUH is the result of a contractual agreement signed, on the day December 16, in Brasília, by the State Government with the Brazilian Company of Hospital Services (BChoss) for the enlargement of the offer of outpatient consultations and surgeries at the hospital.

“This enlargement is the result of that commitment that we secured with the BChoss, and today we are receiving these ICU beds that are entering in our regulation to attend exclusively affected patients by the Covid-19”, explained the governor.

“We are also working in partnership with this unity to open more beds, in relation to a cooperation work, of inputs and human resources. This is how we are engaging our network for we can work together”, he completed.

Wilson Lima reaffirmed the commitment of his management with the restructuring of the healthy network to attend to the existing demand at the State.

“We are putting in practice our contingency plan, making partnerships and optimizing those spaces that we can transform for Covid-19. We are making partnerships with the Federal Government, that have been rending a very significant help for Amazon´s people, as with the private initiative, with institutions, as the Beneficente Portuguesa, so we can increase as much as possible our attendance capacity”, emphasized Wilson Lima.

There is the expectation of more than 10 ICU beds and 17 clinical beds, according to the necessity, which can reach a total of 20 ICU beds and 34 clinics.

“We are preparing the support of GVUH for the opening of more ICU and clinical beds. The GVUH is important for this reorganization phase, and today finally it makes part of our state health network in a contractual form of 75% regulated. From now on we also have a line of beds for Covid-19 to attend Manaus´ population at this moment of pandemic peak”, explained the secretary of the State Department of Health (SDH-AM), Marcellus Campêlo.


The GVUH is a reference unity for the attendance of high cardiovascular complexity, vascular surgery, nephrology, neurology, neurosurgery, and cancer surgery.

The hospital also offers about 70 services in medical specialties such as traumatology, orthopedics, ophthalmology, pneumology, chemotherapy, endocrinology, pathology, urology, among others.

“This support is very important for the state and the Getúlio Vargas hospital, in a time that we are experiencing this Covid-19 crisis. We are to help our population and the State Government”, affirmed the GHUV superintendent, Júlio Mário de Melo e Lima.