With Covid-19 advance abroad, Justice analyzes request to cancel New Year’s Eve party, in Manaus

Request cites Ômicron variant and singer Luan Santana's show, at Ponta Negra beach, in Manaus (Marcio James / Semcom)

Bruno Pacheco – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Amid the advance of Covid-19 in European countries and the increase in cases of the Omicron variant, which has been causing concern worldwide, the Justice of the Amazon analyzes a request to cancel the mega New Year’s Eve party in Manaus, which will have as main attraction and the value of R$ 600 thousand singer Luan Santana, on the beach of Ponta Negra.

The popular action was proposed on Monday, 29, by Councilman Rodrigo Guedes (PSC), and is under consideration of Judge Etelvina Lobo Braga, the 3rd Court of the Public Treasury. In the document, the parliamentarian talks about a possible new wave of Covid-19 in the capital, mainly, caused by Omicron and recalls other cities that have already canceled the New Year’s Eve and even the Carnival 2022.


“I think that the mayor needs to be prudent with the lives of the population. You can’t play with people’s lives or with public health. Certainly, the other mayors who have already canceled New Year’s Eve, and certainly there will be other cancellations, didn’t do it on impulse. They did it to preserve the lives of the people, of the citizens. Are we going to pay to see? There is a new variant that we still don’t have information about and we don’t know what can happen”, the councilman declared to CENARIUM.

Guedes also points out that it is not known whether the Covid-19 vaccines used in Brazil are effective with the new variant called Omicron. Detected for the first time in South Africa, Omicron represents a “very high risk” of infection outbreaks that can generate serious consequences around the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

“We cannot turn human life into an experiment laboratory. It is better to preserve, because each life matters”, reinforced Rodrigo Guedes. As an alternative to not affect the local artists and those who would work in the end of year festivities, the councilman proposes that a fee be paid to these people for other services rendered.

Double the amount

The show of the singer Luan Santana, in Manaus, was announced in November this year by Mayor David Almeida (Avante). Only after being criticized for the lack of transparency and publicity about the amount of public resources needed to fund the show and the end of year holidays, the city government said it would spend around R$ 600 thousand for the presentation of the artist and the total of R$ 10 million for the New Year’s Eve party.

“Especially in relation to the singer Luan Santana, the Manaus City Hall will pay almost twice the usual fee charged by the artist in other shows in Brazil, as evidenced by news reports and contract to provide services now attached”, says Guedes, in an excerpt from the popular action.

For Councilman Rodrigo Guedes, “allocate R$ 600 thousand without any transparency and advertising with national artists, encouraging crowds that endanger the life and health of citizens, does not seem to make sense for the moment experienced on the national scene, perhaps even municipal.

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