After five days of searching, residents find fisherman’s body being devoured by alligators in the AM

The body was being devoured by a caiman in a river, in the Anavilhanas archipelago, near the city of Novo Airão (Promotion)

Bruno Pacheco – from Cenarium

MANAUS – The search for fisherman Elias Araújo, who was missing since last Friday, 15, after being the target of an attack by pirates in the Apuaú river, in the municipality of Novo Airão, 194 kilometers from Manaus, ended on Wednesday, 20. Residents found his body being devoured by a jacaré-açu in a river in the archipelago of Anavilhanas, near the city.

According to information from witnesses, the animal was approximately three meters long and still alive when Elias’ body was found. The alligator, however, needed to be killed for the recovery of the victim’s remains, which had already been swallowed by the reptile.


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Elias was fishing with a colleague when they were surprised by “pirates” (Reproduction/Personal File)

Besides Elias, the boat used by him was also found near the body, but without the engine. The body will be sent to the Legal Medical Institute (IML), in Manaus, and the case investigated by civil police officers from the 77th Interim Police Station (DIP).

Understanding the case

Elias Araújo was in the company of his friend and also a fisherman, Roberto José, in the region of the Apuaú river, when they were attacked by seven pirates that operate in the region. José, however, even though he was wounded, managed to escape and ask the river dwellers who live in the region for help.

After Roberto José was rescued, the search for Elias began, involving the work of men from the Civil Police, Military Police, Fire Department, and Civil Defense, in addition to the family members, other fishermen, and river dwellers in the region. The police suspect that drug dealers are involved in the action.

According to a report by CENARIUM on Monday, May 19, the delegate responsible for the Novo Airão police station, Renato Simões, explained that he was still going to hear Roberto José about what happened. “We are waiting for him to be dismissed to hear him”, explained the delegate on Monday.


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