At President Lula’s request, AM governor Wilson Lima travels to Brasília; meeting will address terrorist acts

Wilson Lima (left) and Lula: meeting in defense of democracy (Art: Mateus Moura)
Ana Pastana – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – Answering to the request of President Mr. Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT), the governor of Amazonas, Mr. Wilson Lima (UB), travels on Monday, 9, to Brasília (DF), to address actions against terrorist acts committed by supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), who do not accept the result of the presidential elections.

Mr. Lima – who was Bolsonaro’s ally in the last election – had already signaled that he would seek a diplomatic relationship with Mr. Lula by respecting democracy and defending the interests of the Amazon. Last week, the governor got authorization from the Minister of Justice, Mr. Flávio Dino, for the maintenance of agents of the National Force in the Arpão Fluvial Base, located in Coari (363 kilometers from Manaus), which combats organized crime in the state’s countryside.

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In addition to Wilson Lima, other governors should meet with the president, in the federal capital, to seek mechanisms to combat the attempted coup acts that destroyed the National Congress and the headquarters of the Supreme Court (STF) this Sunday, 8. The presidential meeting will also be attended by members of the STF.

CENARIUM MAGAZINE found out in Brasilia that the governors should create the Governors’ Forum to combat extremist acts. “National Security issued an alert in which it points out that extremists should do in the States what they did in BrasÍlia, putting at risk public property, authorities, and the population itself”, revealed an interlocutor of the Presidency of the Republic.

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“The Forum expresses all solidarity and support for the measures taken by President Lula and the heads of the branches of government and reaffirms its commitment to defend the institutions, making available the security forces in the states to help restore order and peace”, said the governor of Rio Grande do Norte, Fátima Bezerra (PT).

Committee in Amazonas

On Sunday night, 8, the Amazonas Secretary of Communication sent a note informing that Wilson Lima activated the Quick Response Committee, at the Amazonas Integrated Command and Control Center (CICC), to deal with possible demonstrations in Manaus and in the countryside, like the ones registered in Brasília.

Preventive actions were aligned among state, municipal and federal security agencies, besides the Armed Forces. The committee monitors the demonstrations in Manaus since the October 2022 elections.

Policing was also strengthened in the headquarters of the Judiciary, Legislative and Executive state and municipal powers, besides the headquarters of the Court of Amazonas State Accounts (TCE-AM) and points such as the Amazon Military Command (CMA), where Bolsonaristas are camped for two months.


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