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SÃO PAULO – The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), announced this week, that he intends to intensify, through a “task force” the purchase, sale and even transport of illegal wood from the Amazon.

The broad front initiative will count on the participation of the Consumer Protection Program (Procon), the Environmental Police (PA) and the São Paulo Infrastructure and Environment Secretary (Sima).

The official announcement and objective of the proposal, according to Doria, is to cover the criminal, regulatory and also consumer protection spheres, because part of the native forest products circulating in the state of São Paulo come from the Amazon.

According to São Paulo government forbidden species are sold with different names than the real one, a factor that indirectly contributes to the illegal exploitation of Amazon fauna and flora species.

In 2019, Doria was already concerned about the situation of the Amazon forest fires. The governor commented that on the international scene there is “a very large non-conformism” in relation to Brazilian environmental policies. The governor said there is a “real risk” of retaliation by the European Union.