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Jonas Santos – Special to Cenarium Magazine

PARINTINS – An immersion in the forest Brazilian, with all comfort and refinement in a mystical place within the Amazon. ‘Boca da Valéria Ecolodge’ is a luxurious jungle hotel at the Serra de Parintins’ foot. The highest elevation in the municipality, 150 meters high.

With 35% of the project underway, ‘Ecolodge’ offers four presidential suites, measuring 100m² each, with a deck and previous bridge, beside plus three individual chalets and a pool.

The delay in the resort’s construction, whit scheduled to open before the end of this year, was due to the pandemic. The ‘Boca da Valéria Ecolodge’ project was conceived by artist and entrepreneur Freyzer.

Room of the tourist resort that will be inaugurated later this year (Disclosure)

About the tourism project

“When the project started in 2020, Boca da Valéria project set the standards for ecotourism, promoting practices that protect wildlife, respecting local culture, generating jobs”, said the artist.

The ‘Ecolodge’ is being built at an area of ​​1,261.89 m², with a structure that forms a charming complex of chalets that refer to the Balinese style. Engineer and designer Eliana Brelaz took over the project.

Freyzer was inspired by the region’s natural history, including its indigenous cultures, whose areas were adapted for this activity in a spirit of appreciation, participation, and responsibility. “The biggest objective is to enable residents to continue maintaining the highest standards of sustainability and conservation of their lands and culture,” he says.

The hotel is located in the Valéria region, bathed by the Amazon River, Parintins’ rural area, on the border with Juruti, in Pará’s state, Brazil.

The Valeria region is made up of five communities. For more than 40 years, the region has been a mandatory stop for national and international cruises. The community has a rich archaeological site, whose artifacts are attributed to the Konduri pottery Indians, with vestiges of Tapajonic influence.

View from the luxury hotel room (Divulgation)

“As managers of the rainforest, residents have a deep devotion to a way of life that practices reciprocity and care for their land. Residents believe that tourism is a great opportunity to welcome collaboration and exchange knowledge with the modern world. Tourism has become a source of economic development that is the key to sustaining the way of life for future generations”, added Freyzer.


Freyzer Andrade, 32, is a self-taught artist, born in Parintins, and paints since he was 12 years old. The celebrated artist has painted works for Chelsea, daughter Bill Clinton, former President of the United States; football player Neymar; Aiko, Princess Toshi and, dozens of international models.

Living in Oviedo, Northern Spain, Freyzer returned to Brazil in 2020 to start the project of ‘Boca da Valéria Ecolodge’.


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