Amazônia de Pé: campaign promotes collection of signatures for a new law to combat deforestation

Bruno Pacheco – Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The Non-Governmental Organization Our (NGO Nossas) launched, on Wednesday, 11, the campaign “Amazônia de Pé”, (Amazon on Foot in english) which promotes a collection of signatures for a Bill, of popular initiative (Plip), to charge the federal government for the protection of public forests that are not destined. The goal is to gather 1.5 million signatures to present the initiative to the National Congress in 2023, when politicians are renewed after an election year.

“We are the last generation that can save the Amazon. This campaign needs millions of people, it needs the signatures of 1.5 million people. We started this journey that will only be possible with many people engaged in this cause that we believe in and fight for”, declared Karina Penha, mobilization coordinator of the Amazônia de Pé campaign.

“This cause belongs to all of us and our fight is for life”.

Karina Penha

According to the NGO, the Amazônia de Pé Bill is a popular initiative that allocates the nearly 50 million hectares of public forests in the Amazon for the protection of indigenous peoples, quilombolas and Conservation Units.

“All of us, together, need to build the largest mobilization in defense of the Amazon that this country has ever seen. Thus, the new Congress will have no doubt: protecting the Amazon is a priority for Brazilians. We will make the Amazon a priority!”, says the NGO.

To sign the campaign, one must register on the NGO’s website and provide all the data requested by the movement. By being part of the initiative, the interested party joins the movement and becomes a co-author of the project. More information on the link:

Deforested Amazon

Stage of expressive deforestation, the Amazon registered, in April this year alone, 1,197 square kilometers of destruction, 185 square kilometers more than the estimate of deforestation alerts from the National Institute for Space Research (INPE). The data are from the Institute of Man and Environment of the Amazon (Imazon).

According to the study, the devastation was equivalent to the area of the capital of Rio de Janeiro. Furthermore, April reached the worst mark for the period in 15 years, since Imazon started monitoring with satellite images, in 2008.

To get an idea of how significant the increase is, in April 2008, 156 square kilometers were devastated, that is, 1,041 square kilometers less. When the comparison considers the month of April 2021, the increase has more than doubled: 54%.


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