Attack in Brasília: Justice minister says 1,500 coup plotters have been arrested so far

The minister also pointed out that ten states have already sent more than 500 men to reinforce the actions of the National Force (MAURO PIMENTEL/Getty Images)
Priscilla Peixoto – From Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – At least 1500 people who participated in the extremist acts in Brasilia that occurred on Sunday, 08, were arrested. The information was passed on by the Minister of Justice and Public Safety, Flavio Dino in a press conference held in Brasilia on the afternoon of Monday, 09.

According to Dino most of them were in a camp located in front of the barracks, in the Federal District. All of them will be heard by the Federal Police until tomorrow, Tuesday, 10 According to the balance sheet provided by the minister, 209 arrests have been made and 40 buses seized in Brasilia. The minister also pointed out that ten states have already sent a contingent of more than 500 men to reinforce the actions of the National Force.

“It is clear that they are being heard and the judicial police measures will be taken, including the subsequent communication to the Judiciary”, said the minister pointing out that after the appropriate procedures, it will be up to the Judiciary to decide on “eventual arrests”.


“It will be up to the Judiciary to say what will happen to them. Some will be submitted to a custody hearing, others may eventually receive the benefit of provisional release. So we can’t say what will happen to each one. There will be a referral to the Judiciary, I believe today or tomorrow”, he added.

Denunciation and investigation

The government also received more than 13 thousand messages by the e-mail [email protected] , created to receive complaints and information about the acts of vandalism committed this Sunday at the Planalto Palace, the Congress and the Federal Supreme Court (STF) in Brasília. “The team is already sorting through these e-mails”, said the minister.

According to the minister, the investigations about the extremist acts will be the responsibility of the Federal Police. “We have much recognition to the role of the Civil Police of the Federal District, which has assisted us since the 12th, in fact (…) There is no question that these are crimes that affected federal property, federal property, in addition to being political crimes. And, for this very reason, all investigations will migrate to the conduct of the Federal Police”, said Dino.

Still according to Flávio Dino, among the crimes foreseen to the extremists are; attempt to abolish the democratic state of law, crime of damage to public property, coup d’état, criminal association and bodily injury (in this last case, they are related to the aggressions committed against police officers and journalists).


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