Manaus City Councilor asks for the population’s support against the increase of the ‘Cotão’

Headquarters of the City Council of Manaus (CMM). (Reproduction/ Internet)

Malu Dacio – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The councilman of Manaus Amom Mandel (no party) asked for citizens’ support in favor of the repeal of the ‘Cotão’. The request was made in a video published by the parliamentarian in his social networks, on Saturday, 29.

“The fight against the 83% readjustment of the ‘Cotão’ of the Manaus City Council will continue. The favorable decision is only the beginning of the fight. The ‘Cotão’ can still increase in a new bill or if the city Council appeals the decision”, he said.

Amom Mandel Lins Filho (Podemos) had more than 7.5 thousand votes in the 2020 municipal elections. (Samuel KNF/Cenarium Magazine)

Amom explains that, for the good of the population, responsible demonstrations are needed. “From the sharing, en masse, of the videos, with a call to the population, to the lawsuits of the reports. Inflation weighs on people’s pockets, on a daily basis, and we cannot admit that the money we pay in taxes is used for this kind of unpopular thing. We want real benefits. Basic health units, schools, more security, more infrastructure”, he highlighted.

The Judge of Law Etelvina Lobo Braga, holder of the 3rd Court of Manaus Public Treasury, determined on Friday, 28, the suspension of the 83% increase in the value of the Quota for the Exercise of Parliamentary Activity (Ceap), better known as ‘Cotão’, in process No. 0609324-08.2022.8.04.0001.

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To CENARIUM, the councilman says that, despite the victory in court, legally, the House can still appeal or make a new bill and give due course, this time without mishaps. “The media, civil society organizations, community leaders, and citizens in general need to help exert pressure so that the City Council does not appeal or try to make a new bill to increase the ‘Cotão'”, he argued.

The decision was celebrated by Rodrigo Guedes (PSC). “We are happy and satisfied with this court decision, even if it is temporary, but it is already a beginning, a breakthrough. I have no doubt that 100% of the population rejects this kind of initiative made on the sly. A real stab in the back for society. The immorality was blatant and the Justice Department recognized that there was a maneuver while the population is in all kinds of need. We can’t close our eyes to this”, he told CENARIUM.

‘The amount is immoral’

Amom explains that he considers the allowance, in the way it was defined by Law, totally immoral. “I don’t use it and never have. I have been against it since the beginning of the mandate. It has been proven that it is possible to exercise the mandate without using the R$ 18 thousand allowance. I don’t use it. What is the justification, then, to increase to R$33 thousand all at once?

In the opportunity, the councilman thanked the media and social organizations that, for him, are fulfilling their role of bringing the truth to the state of Amazonas.


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