Minister Luiz Fux returns to Manaus for a closed event on ‘CNJ 4.0 Project’

Minister and president of the Supreme Court. (Carlos Moura/SCO/STF)

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MANAUS – The minister and president of the Supreme Court (STF), Luiz Fux, will arrive in Manaus this Friday, 19, and will meet with the judges of the Court of Amazonas (Tjam) to talk about the project of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) “Justice 4.0”. The meeting takes place at the headquarters of the Court. In addition, the president will participate in an agenda with the University of the State of Amazonas (UEA) and Association of Union of Notaries and Recorders of the State of Amazonas (Anoreg-AM and Sinoreg-AM).

The project “Justice 4.0” brings innovation and effectiveness of Justice for all, besides promoting access to Justice, with actions and projects of collaborative use and new technologies and artificial intelligence. Justice brings dialogue from the real to the digital with increased governance, transparency, and efficiency of the Judiciary. UEA, together with Anoreg-AM and Sinoreg-AM launch, this Saturday, 20th, the Specialization in Notarial and Registral Law. The event will be attended by the president of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), minister Luiz Fuz, at the Juma Opera Hotel, located in Manaus downtown.


According to information passed on by the advisory, the event aims to improve the implementation of notary services in the Amazon. The minister will be leading the lecture “Economic Analysis of Law”. Besides the president of the STF, representatives of the Municipal and State Executive powers of the Court of Justice of the State of Amazonas (TJAM), law professionals and representatives of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-AM).

According to the president of Anoreg, David Gomes, this is one more step that the extrajudicial segment takes for the dissemination of knowledge among notaries and registrars of the State. “We are thrilled to be a part of this project in partnership with UEA, and also to have the greatest authority of the national judiciary honoring this moment. Without a doubt, this will be a milestone for the sector and for society, which will increasingly enjoy excellent notary services”, he said. In accordance with security criteria of the minister’s office, the ceremony that takes place this Saturday will be restricted to guests, but the event will be broadcast by the channel Anoreg-AM on Youtube.


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