Poland bans adoption for homosexuals, even as single parents

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POLAND – People living in same-sex couples will be barred from adopting children in Poland even as single parents, under a new law from a nationalist ruling party which has made anti-gay policies a major part of its governing platform.

Last year, the European Parliament condemned Poland for violations of LGBT rights and demanded that the European Union take steps to protect diversity.

“We are preparing for a change whereby (…) people cohabiting with a person of the same sex could not adopt a child, so a homosexual couple will not be able to adopt a child,” said Deputy Minister of Justice Michal Wojcik.

“It’s about the child’s safety, his well-being”, he stressed. Controversial President Andrzej Duda, who belongs to the right-wing PiS (Law and Justice) party, was elected at the end of July for a second five-year term. He is a staunch critic of LGBT agendas.


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