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For jurists and senators of the CPI, Manaus was the victim of an attack on the civilian population with the dissemination of the "Covid Kit" amid a peak of contamination and deaths (Carolina Antunes Pr | Public Photos)

Paula Litaiff – from Cenarium

MANAUS – “Who is right-wing takes chloroquine”, declared the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party), in a live, in May 2020, when insisting on the use of hydroxychloroquine sulfate, with no proven effectiveness against Covid-19, for the treatment of the disease caused by the new coronavirus. In September 2021, the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission (CPI) of the Pandemic opened a new flank for investigation and discovered that the use of the drug, in fact, was not only an ideological issue, but above all, an economic one.

The drug so defended by Bolsonaro and his allies, according to the CPI, is part of an agreement between the federal government and businessmen. Manaus was the first to undergo the fateful experiment, in January, with the deal made between the former Health Minister Eduardo Pazuello and the mayor of Manaus, David Almeida (Avante), through the application of the so-called “Covid Kits”, in the Basic Health Units (UBSs), in January.


“This is a crime against humanity, because it was an experiment conducted in a tragic moment of vertiginous growth of contamination, of the dissemination of the virus (new coronavirus)”, pointed out, in an interview to the website O Antagonista, the former Minister of Justice Miguel Reale Júnior, leader of the group of jurists who delivered a dossier with more than 10,000 pages to the CPI and who is an internationally recognized expert.

Reale confirms what the REVISTA CENARIUM has been raising since January and reaffirmed in August with the cover story “They made Amazon a guinea pig”, which included a photo of Pazuello and David Almeida. The necropolitical plan started with the visit of the secretary of Work Management and Health Education of the Ministry of Health, Mayra Pinheiro, to the capital of Amazonas on January 11 this year.

August cover of Cenarium Magazine (Hugo Moura/CENARIUM)

“The Chloroquine Captain went to Manaus and there they did an experiment to launch the TrateCov application, which is an application of the Ministry of Health, through which you could check whether or not the person would be contaminated. And if they were contaminated, they would take the chloroquine, because ‘chloroquine saves'”, said Miguel Reale, reciting a phrase disseminated by Bolsonaro’s allies.

This year, the peak of the pandemic was higher than that of 2020 in Manaus, according to the Foundation for Health Surveillance of the Amazonas (FVS/AM). The capital was known for spending weeks in the ranking of cities with the highest death rate by Covid-19. The balance of deaths from the disease was 4,430 deaths in the capital between January 1 and March 2, 1,050 more than in the first peak of the pandemic last year in the same period.

The mayor of Manaus, David Almeida (Dhyeizo Lemos/Semcom)

The deadly pact

One of the witnesses heard in the CPI of Covid, the lawyer Bruna Morato – who is part of Reale’s team – pointed out a pact between Prevent Senior and the Ministry of Economy to validate the so-called “early treatment”, as a way to try to avoid the lockdown and strengthen the role of the “parallel cabinet” and the federal government in defending measures without scientific evidence.

The lawyers’ dossier also shows that Prevent Senior has subjected patients to experimental treatment against Covid-19 without their consent. The lawyers’ investigations also indicate that the company fraudulently reported the results of a study on the use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of the disease, by omitting patient deaths during the course of the experiment.

The pseudo-research by Prevent Senior, according to reports by the lawyers, was used by Jair Bolsonaro to exalt the use of hydroxychloroquine. And within the corporate deal was the use of TrateCov, from the Ministry of Health, to prescribe chloroquinine, even with generic diagnoses.

Mass destruction

Also in the interview to the website O Antagonista, Miguel Reale raised the debate about the civil responsibilities of Jair Bolsonaro, called “genocidal” by oppositionists. According to the jurist, if the direct action of the president in the deaths of the pandemic is proven, the crime will have another typification. “Genocide is a policy of extermination of a community, of planning for the total destruction of the community. Article seven of the Rome Statute, on the other hand, foresees an attack against a civilian population. It is not an armed, physical or violent attack, it is the application of a policy that leads to suffering”, Reale declared.

Jurist Miguel Reale Jr. (Jefferson Rudy/Senate Agency)

The jurists’ conclusive report on the CPI had the support of senators, among them, Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede/AP), vice president of the commission. Senator Randolfe Rodrigues stated, during the Covid’s CPI session, that those responsible should be taken to the International Criminal Court. He based his statement on Miguel Reale Júnior’s dossier.

The vice-president of the Covid’s CPI, Randolfe Rodrigues (Waldemir Barreto/Senate Agency)

“From the cold analysis of the facts that occurred in this Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, we imagined that the only aspect of the crime of lesa humanity that had occurred was what had happened in your city of Manaus, this is already characterized, this one, inclusive, will take those responsible to the International Criminal Court”, defended Randolfe Rodrigues.

The International Court of Justice is the main judicial organ of the United Nations Organization (UNO), with headquarters in The Hague, in the Netherlands, and analyzes judicial actions that involve major crimes, among them, attacks on humanity.


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