After neutralizing opponents and generating results, AM governor hits 65% approval rating, poll shows

Wilson's triumphs, ICUs in the interior and state aid. Reproduction.

Marcela Leiros and Malu Dacio – from Cenarium Magazine

MANAUS – The most recent survey by Perspectiva – Market and Opinion revealed that 65.9% of the Amazonian population considers positive the management of Wilson Lima (PSC) in the Amazonas State Government. This occurs after Lima resumed the management amid conflicts with the vice-governor Carlos Almeida and opponents of Eduardo Braga and Amazonino Mendes’ group in the Amazonas Legislative Assembly (Aleam).

Data from the survey show that 7.9% of the people heard consider the current government great; 19.6% consider it good and 38.4% consider it regular, totaling 65.9% approval. 23.3% said the government is terrible and 9.2% bad. Only 1.5% of those who participated could not say.


The survey was registered in the Superior Electoral Court under number AM-00400/2022. The Perspectiva company was the contractor and executor of the project. According to the company, this is the first survey of the year for president, governor, and senator in Amazonas.

The survey also brought the positioning in relation to the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro. Reproduction.

The positive achieved comes amid a series of political persecutions and attacks of opponents that Wilson Lima faces throughout his management, which had as a milestone high investments in health, through the deployment of Intensive Care Units (ICU) within the state, for the first time in the history of Amazonas.

Currently, Amazonas has 11 ICU beds in the countryside, implanted by means of the medium and high complexity services decentralization plan.

The first part of the project started in the city of Parintins and the government started the adaptation works for the installation of the beds in Tefé. The implementation is foreseen in the “Health in the Gutters”, a project of the “Amazon Health” program. Tabatinga will also receive 10 beds of Intensive Care Unit (ICU).


Another triumph of Lima’s administration was the delivery of 300 thousand cards available for families in extreme poverty, with a R$ 150 benefit made available by the Government of Amazonas.

The largest income transfer program in the history of Amazonas and one of the largest initiatives of its kind in the country, the Permanent State Aid was created by governor Wilson Lima (PSC) to guarantee food on the table for those who need it most. There are 300 thousand families in vulnerable situations entitled to the benefit every month.

The payment to the beneficiaries of the Permanent State Aid happens every 15th of each month. The disbursement of the program destined to people living in poverty and extreme poverty means a monthly injection of R$ 45 million in the state’s economy, favoring the generation of jobs and income in the commerce of the 62 cities.


One of the main opponents to Wilson Lima’s work is his vice-governor, Carlos Almeida. Almeida entered into legal battle against the state after the governor reshuffle advisory functions of the vice-governorship for the Civil House.

Trying to recover the positions in 2020, he filed at least three appeals in TJAM, and the last (Writ of Mandamus against a State Law) considered by legal experts illegal and “full of tricks”. After receiving the denial of the president of TJAM, Domingos Chalub, the vice-governor sought the president of the STJ.


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