AM police arrest suspect involved in the death of a federal employee in Manaus

The suspected killer's name has been identified as Caio Claudino de Souza. (Promotion)

Bruno Pacheco – From Cenarium Magazine*

MANAUS – The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM) arrested on Tuesday, 31, a man accused of involvement in the death of federal server of the Regional Labor Court of the 11th Region (TRT-11) Silvanilde Ferreira Veiga, found dead inside her apartment, in the last day 21, in the neighborhood Ponta Negra, West Zone of Manaus. The suspected participant in the murder was identified as Caio Claudino de Souza, a security guard at the Gran Vista condominium, where the victim lived.

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“The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM), through the Specialized Police Department in Homicide and Kidnappings (DEHS), has just arrested involved in the death of the servant of TRT Silvanilde Ferreira Veiga,” says note released by the communications office.

Man was identified as Caio Claudino de Souza (Reproduction)

When questioned by the press when he arrived at the DEHS, the man confessed the crime and said it was an ‘accident’, even with the victim’s body being found with 14 stab wounds through the body. According to Caio, he was under the effect of drugs. The suspect is being interrogated at this moment.

The case

The federal servant was 58 years old and was found lifeless by her daughter Stephanie Viega in her apartment, with strangulation marks and perforations in her abdomen. Silvanilde was the director of the 15th Labor Court. The woman’s death gained repercussions throughout the state and nationally.

According to the Civil Police, according to Stephanie’s account, on the night of the death, the daughter sent two messages to her mother, but got no response. Then she asked the condo doorman to go to the apartment to check if everything was okay. The employee reported that no one answered the phone and that all the vehicles were parked in their spaces.

The servant’s daughter went to the apartment with her boyfriend and found her mother on the living room floor, face down on a pool of blood, lifeless. “She also reported that there were no signs of forced entry and the only thing taken from the place was the victim’s cell phone,” the Civil Police said in a statement.

On May 23, a preliminary report from the Forensic Medical Institute (IML) disclosed that the causes of Silvanilde’s death were shortness of breath due to the cut of the trachea – in the neck region – and bleeding in the brain. The case is being investigated by DEHS and the proceedings surrounding the death of the victim are ongoing.

The night of the crime

On Tuesday, 31, images from security cameras Gran Vista Condominium, on the street Raimundo Nonato de Castro, were shared by the Civil Police and obtained by CENARIUM. In one of them, recorded on the night of the crime, on May 21, at 6:06 pm, the security guard appears driving a motorcycle, towards the exit of the site, with blood stains on his clothes.

Image shows the suspect leaving the luxury condominium on a motorcycle (Reproduction)

In a video also obtained by CENARIUM MAGAZINE, it is possible to see the security guard driving inside the luxury condominium. Check it out:

(*) With the collaboration of journalist Gabriel Abreu, from Cenarium Magazine.


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