Governor Wilson Lima initiates ‘Cerco Inteligente’ to fight crime in the AM

Governor Wilson Lima greets police officers during the delivery of vehicles and the announcement of the Cerco Inteligente Video Surveillance Program. (Divulgation)

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MANAUS – With investments of R$ 34.7 million, the governor of Amazonas, Wilson Lima, started, this Friday, 22, the Intelligent Siege of Video Surveillance, which marks the full operation of the new and modern system to fight crime in the State. The beginning of the operation took place at 9am, on Itaúba avenue, Jorge Teixeira neighborhood, East zone of Manaus.

“We are in a very symbolic area of Manaus. We are in a very commemorative month, a series of projects are being delivered to the population. What we are doing here, today, is a permanent state program. With this system, no car that was stolen or stolen and reported to the number 181 will be circulating normally in the city. Our police will no longer be working blind. And there is a detail, these cars, which are here, will be in the North and East zones of Manaus. They have to be on the streets, our population needs security and peace. We have already mapped these locations that most need public safety in these areas”, said Wilson Lima.


According to the governor, the new system is part of the Amazonas Mais Seguro program, launched by the governor in July of this year and coordinated by the Amazonas Secretary of Public Safety (SSP-AM). The Intelligent Video Surveillance System has 500 cameras, installed at strategic points in Manaus, which have technology capable of assisting in the prevention, investigation and solution of crimes such as robberies, thefts and homicides.

The intelligent camera system is interconnected to the Integrated Center for Security Operations (Ciops) and can be operated in an integrated manner by the public security forces of the State. With the intelligent siege of video surveillance, it will be possible to identify, evaluate, monitor and coordinate real or potential threats, seeking to prevent, neutralize and repress criminal acts of any nature that threaten public order and the safety of people and property.

According to Wilson Lima, the patrolling by vehicles is also being reinforced, especially in the North and East zones of Manaus. Besides the announcement of the program, the military police officers also received 60 thousand rounds of ammunition, 40 cameras for Rocam Motos and 15 telephone sets. The 50 vehicles that were also delivered this Friday have the latest technology and will expand the ostensive and preventive patrolling. The new vehicles – models Ranger 4×4, S-10, and Hilux – have onboard technology, radio communicator, and internal and external cameras, increasing the technological support of the military police officers on duty in the streets of the capital.


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