Duo invades aircraft club in Amazonas and sets fire to Ibama helicopter

Ibama aircraft after controlling the flames. (Promotion)

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MANAUS – During the early hours of Monday, 24, a helicopter model Bell B4, of the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA) was burned inside the Amazon Aircraft club, located at Avenida Professor Nilton Lins, Flores neighborhood, south-central zone of Manaus. So far, the perpetrators of the crime have not been identified.

According to information passed on by the Fire Department of Amazonas (CBMAM), which conducted the first service on site, two men invaded the club to commit the crime. “It was identified a partial burning of the aircraft, which was damaged the front of the cabin and helicopter propellers”, he said.

Firemen fight a fire at the aircraft club. (Promotion)

Moreover, in a note, CBMAM reported that a team from the 22nd Community Interactive Company (Cicom) received the call and, soon after, went to the site. “In total, approximately 1,000 liters of water were used to control the flames”, it reported.


The crime occurred around 4am, when the teams working at the Aircraft club were surprised by the flames. It is suspected that the aircraft were set on fire as a form of intimidation for the operations that took place in the region of Madeira, against illegal mining. It is worth mentioning that the case is under investigation.

The CENARIUM reporting team contacted the Amazonas Secretary of Public Security (SSP-AM) and the Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM) and is awaiting a reply to know if there is a relationship between the fire and the operations against illegal mining, and if security cameras may have captured images that identify the suspects.


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