‘Castanho’: get to know a fictional movie produced by an actor, screenwriter and director from Amazonas

Scenes from the movie 'Castanho' (Press Release)
Adrisa De Góes – From the Cenarium Amazônia Magazine

MANAUS (AM) – “Castanho” is the first fiction film written and directed by actor Adanilo Reis, known in the artistic world as Adanilo. The plot tells the story of a woman of Argentinian nationality who moves to the Cachoeira do Castanho community in Paricatuba, in the municipality of Iranduba (27 kilometers from Manaus) and creates a relationship with nature and the people of the region.

Born in the capital of Amazonas, the artist told CENARIUM AMAZON MAGAZINE that he feels there is a lack of audiovisual productions that portray daily life in the Amazon and that this was one of the reasons that inspired him to write the film. He also says that his experience as an actor contributed to the conception of the work.

Actor, screenwriter and director Adanilo (Release)

“Castanho is my first movie. I’ve produced experimental works and music videos before, but this is the first time I’ve done it in this format, where you have a team to work with you on an artistic project. I inevitably bring a lot of my experience as an actor to the direction, but I also realize the need to tell Amazonian stories, especially the influence of my life here”, said Adanilo.


The film marks Adanilo’s debut as an audiovisual director. He also has two other productions in the pipeline.

“It’s something that’s always been with me. Sometimes the process of making and producing a movie takes time and costs money. It’s not easy to do. I already have more projects up my sleeve. I’m preparing the feature film ‘Omágua Kambeba’ and the series ‘Compensa'”, he said.

‘Castanho’ movie poster (Release)

The film was awarded the Encontro das Artes public notice, through the Aldir Blanc Law, by the Amazonas Department of Culture and Creative Economy. It was directed by Teatro Galeroso in co-production with Oca Produções.


Cachoeira do Castanho is the place where Maria (Sofia Sahakian), an Argentinian woman, lives with Dona Belém (Rosa Malagueta) and Cícero (Israel Castro), a family who live in the community. From a mysterious view of everyday life, the film follows the intimacy, affection, work and fun of these characters.

“Maria goes through everyday moments sharing her life with Cícero and Belém, at work as well as in her free time. They have a bond and a lot of affection mixed with a bit of awkward humor where they always try to fool each other by talking about supposedly serious issues. But she also has her moments of loneliness, of living with herself and her past that is never talked about”, says the film’s protagonist, Sofia Sahakian.

Filming set for ‘Castanho’ (Release)

Castanho officially premiered at Olhar do Norte in August this year, the Amazon Film Festival. In the same month, the film was also shown at the 34th São Paulo International Short Film Festival – Curta Kinoforum.


Direction and script: Adanilo
Cast: Sofia Sahakian, Rosa Malagueta and Israel Castro
Production: Ítalo Almeida
Assistant Director and Co-Director: Victor Kaleb
Cinematographer: Robert Coelho
Assistant Cinematographer: Naila Fernandes
Art Director: Francisco Ricardo
Art and Production Assistant: Camila Soares
Production Assistant: Amanda Magaiver
2nd Production Assistant: Mikaela Raícham
Direct Sound: Heverson Batista
Editing: Eduardo Resing
Color Grading: Bárbara Umbra
Sound Mixing: Lucas Coelho
Cast Preparation: Isabela Catão
Machinery: Evandro Repolho
Making of and Still: Cícero Benedito
Catering: Vanda Almeida and Marlene Silva
Driver and Backdrop: Áureo Almeida
Produced by: Teatro Galeroso and Ao Produções Artísticas
Co-Production: Oca Produções
Support: Tucandeira Films

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Edited by Jefferson Ramos

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